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    Sorry. I don't fit any part of that. Good luck finding the guy. XD
    Doubt it. Who's the guy you're thinking of? XD
    my draw request;
    if you could draw him that would be very nice
    example photo
    Haha, skype chats aren't really fun if you don't know the people there anyways, you know.

    For video games I guess you could try to say hello in this thread. Regarding RPs, I'm not sure there are many open ones right now, but you could check out Noble Magic or Gunpowder <- apparently super cool and has a skype chat, for things that probably will get off the ground. Then there's Redux if you prefer pokémon, there's a chat for that too :p
    Haha, well there are groups of friends and like-minded people all over this place. It sort of depends on what you're into. Me, for instance, love roleplaying (in written form) so I'm a regular around the Roleplay Theatre. We've got skype groups where we're talking all the time and we can go on the forums and discuss the activities if we feel like it. There's also places for pokémon trading and battling, for doing art, a huge general Video Games community from what I know, and there is a section dedicated to playing the forum game "mafia" where they also hang around skype as friends a lot. So if you find a place that you're interested in, we can look into how you can get to know people best :3
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