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    How do you do it? What boards do you go on? Tell me your secrets!
    Holey Moley, look at that post count! You've been here for like 14 days...
    Heey Socrates! I see you found my wall

    How are you doing?

    And I'm doing fine here, hehe, thanks! ^__^
    Quite similar. I love forums as I love interacting with different internet personality's and I just usually have fun on forums. I used to go on this other forum page for a fan game and it started to die as many main users left so i did as well. When I returned it had almost completely died. I've recently started playing my 3ds again and decided I'd try pokemon again as I normally quit playing once I finish the main story and some of the after-game. I've been playing a lot of games on emulators recently as well. So I just typed up pokemon forums and one of the ones I found was this one and I loved it so much I decided to start posting more and explore.
    Me to. I think it's because in off-topic forums you can express yourself more and find out more about other members as it isn't restricted to a particular topic. Gives more options for everything.
    You can just call me Morgan btw it just makes it more awkward to type the W but if you prefer it I'm not gonna stop you.
    NP. We've been talking quite a bit in the playground (which I'm finding to be a great sub-forum) so I thought I considered you as a friend so it's nice to see that you do to :)
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