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Originally Posted by rsgh5
alright... so pazzkat has said that she thinks that we should
a) forgive pkmaster (i'll call you that if i want to) or...
b) kill her
i think that b is a rediculous choice, but a is only slightly less rediculous. but, i would be willing to allow her back into the club if enough other members believe that she should be allowed back. so what's it gonna be SHC? pkmaster in or pkmaster out? you be the judge
Personally, I think we should let her back in. We all know about the shenanigans she just pulled, but because of that, I think she's less likely to pull them again. I know I've acted angry with her a lot in here, but I always hated the idea of excluding someone who genuinely wanted to be a member. If the others think it could be the right idea, I'm all for giving her another chance. If she really is 10 years old, then she might be old enough to have learned her lesson from all this nonsense. And the one sure way to find out is to let her back in and give her another chance. That's my opinion. And although I won't change my mind even if the others think it'll be better to keep her out, I'll go with what you guys decide. This is a club, and I think decisions like this should be made democratically.

What say we make like a two or three day grace period? Give people a chance to let their opinions be heard, and in the meantime, let Latios_Lover make posts here. What she says could also give us more insight into her intentions and whether or not she's changed for the better. Anyway, that's what I think ought to be done. How about the rest of you?
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