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    Originally Posted by Aaryn
    I suppose you guys will be more than surprised to see me here again, but hey, here I am!
    Its been almost 2 years since I "dissapeared". It all started with my grandmas death, then I stoped coming, and then I had an accident with my girlfriend (now ex) But a cool member of the club "found" me, and managed to make me come back.
    I hope you guys can forgive me for being away for so long, but I'll try to be here from now on, as often as I can.
    Thx for the comprehension in advance and hi to everyone!
    I'M FINALLY BACK! wOOOOTLol, god. I didnt expect such a welcome! Thanks a lot.
    Ive been very occupied with school also, but I've caught some more shinies in emmerald. Most of the previous ones were lost with my file in fire red and leaf green.
    Ill make my new list and try to update the member list thorugh this week.
    please understand that due to the HUGE amount of people here now, its a HUGE amount of work! Gimme two weeks to get used to normality again!
    WOOT! I'm back hehehe. Thanks for the support.
    P.D: By the way. Ill be updating my sig and my shiny list tomorrow, got an important history exam tomorrow, which sure I will fail, but I have to try at least.
    Oh my word, you've been gone from before I joined. Introductions, introductions...

    I'm Lady Demoonica Darkmoon (LDD to most). I joined The Shiny Hunters Club in January 2005, I think. I have 11 shinys:

    1) Duskull -> Dusklops, found on route 121 on my way to Lilycove, I had been hunting Absol
    2) Zigzagoon, Nintindo Berry Glitch Fix bonus
    3) Zigzagoon, Nintindo Berry Glitch Fix bonus
    4) Sableye, found while training in Requaza's Tower
    5) Zigzagoon -> Linoone, (Sora) found in Petleburg Woods near the begining of a Ruby game restart
    6) Heracross, found in Colosseum (former Shadow pokemon)
    7) Staryu -> Starmie, found while randomly fishing off Cinibar Island
    8) Gastly -> Haunter -> Gengar, found while randomly wondering around in Lavnder Town Tower
    9) Oddish -> Gloom -> Bellosum, found in the area to the right of Celedon City
    10) Oddish -> Gloom -> Vileplume, found while hunting for a shiny Absol
    11) Oddish -> Gloom found while hunting for a shiny Absol

    Bold is what they are now. I've also caught a Shiny Seviper on my freind's game for her, but that's nether here nor there.

    I'm glad I could finally meet you.

    EDIT: Edit due to MM making a good poine about how/what we were doing when said shiny was found.
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