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Seriously, welcome back, Aaryn. It's thanks in part to you that we have this excellent club. (and I'll need the help administrating the place!) But what happened to ryan? It's like there's been some sorta flip-flop. Ryan's bee faithfully active pretty much for the whole time you've been away, but now when you come back, HE disappears! Hmm... *smells something fishy* Nonetheless, your return's got me more excited than any shiny encounter I've experienced. (And I mean this strictly as a friend. )

Anywho, for a slightly more formal introduction, I'm MetalMario. My real name's Greg. As mentioned above, I joined on March 7th last year, so I haven't quite been here for a year. My shinies are:

1. Linoone (Omega): Found her on Route 121 while doing a berry run.
2. Hoppip > Skiploom > Jumpluff (Fluffy): Found her at the Techtonix pillar while effort training something.
3. Whismur > Loudred > Exploud (Fiona, formerly Bellow): Found her in the Rusturf Tunnel while effort training something.
4. Porygon > Porygon2 (Shinnix): Prize at the Celadon Game Corner after thousands of resets.
5. Hoppip (HipHoppip, formerly Mr. Fluffy): Found him at the Techtonix pillar while effort training a Flareon.
6. Dratini > Dragonair > Dragonite (Olga): Prize at the Celadon Game Corner after thousands of resets.
7. Lotad > Lombre > Ludicolo (Dora): Found her in the Seviper patch while looking for a shiny Seviper. You've gotta hear my never-ending tale of the quest for shiny Seviper.
8. Spinarak > Ariados (Apophis): Found him in the Pattern Bush while passively hunting/leveling up something.
9. Numel (Nanaimo): Found him on that route with the cable cars while effort training a Gardevoir. I have Camerupt in my sig, but I haven't actually evolved him yet.

That's my shinies in a nutshell. I have more info if you're curious.
I guess I'll wait till you're settled before I discuss the potential of promoting LDD.

Wow, I've rambled on for too long. It's 12:08, so I'd better sign off for the night.

"What's the worst thing I could say?
Things are better if I stay.
So long, and good night,
So long, and good night!"
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