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Originally Posted by Gradon View Post
I've used some of your tools I've found off some sites, they're very helpful! =D
You've done very well with these, lol. ^^
Thx ^^
Anyway don't download elsewhere my tools: only here you will always find the most updated versions!

Originally Posted by kamikaze watermelon View Post
your tools are uber sweet:)
Thank you too :)

Originally Posted by dhame View Post
I was having a problem however with your Overworld Editor. When I load a Fire Red or Leaf Green Rom it works fine. Its when I load in a Ruby or Sapphire rom, this comes up

"Error 63 (Bad Record number) in procedure LoadSpriteStructer of frmOverworldEditor"
It seems like you're not using the version 0 of the ROM... To check the version you can use my RHEA

TO ALL: BIG UPDATE! Check the first post for further info!
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