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    zel - I didn't thought about it, hey! Why not, but I'm not sure it's possible xd
    Originally Posted by matt3 View Post
    im a guy and im always the guy but im gonna be the girl because the guy looks way to much like the guy of ruby sapphire and emerald and he looks gai
    Uh? ._.
    One IMPORTANT thing about all the characters (not including E4 leader, hehe). All designs ARE NOT MINE! So don't blame me of this like above -.-
    Second IMPORTANT thing - about scripts. I pay attention more on pokemon. Look for example at Quartz - there are 386 fake monsters, but no new scripts - only edited these old. And? You can see how cool it is. But who said I can't learn scripting, hah?
    And third, last IMPORTANT thing - the name. I didn't want next title looking like "[random stone/mineral/etc.] Version". I wanted to try something...unusual ;d Changing it would be pain now.
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