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Heh... You need the DivX5 codec. It's on their official website. I'l give you a direct link. Eeww... it has adware! Ah no wait, thats the pro version.. Here: <-- This HAS to make it work. If it doesn't, blame the player your using for not being able to make use of the codec properly. Burn it. Get a new one. I reccoment RealONE Player the most. WinAMP is good also.

The codecs that Kwesi gave ya could have been old. The video was encoded with DX50 <-- thats the latest one. It's been out for a while though, but try it anyway.
Meh~ I've really found so much better things to do than PC. It's not that I left, I just have better things to do right now and also for the next 8 or so months. I havn't "left" left.. just "kinda" left. I may post once or twice...
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