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    Uzumaki_Naruto: Accepted
    Alter Ego: Accepted
    Archsage: Accepted (Fleur)
    Archsage: Accepted (Seth)
    Chibi-chan: Accepted
    Glajummy: Accepted
    Shiney: Accepted (Though I know, you wish to edit)
    JBCPeace: Accepted
    Shadow Yue: Accepted
    ACC-M: Accepted
    Hero of Time Link: Accepted
    Stardust-Kumo: Accepted (Even though you still need to change Phenia to Draconia)
    Mizuki: Accepted
    Random Fan: Accepted
    Rena: Reserved
    JBCBlank: Reserved
    MidnightDragon_249: Accepted

    JBCBlank: Your gonna need to finish it before I can make any sort of decision okay. RESERVED at the moment.

    MidnightDragon: All good, Accepted.

    Fire: Use the power of hot flames to physically attack your opponent. (JBCPeace, and JBCBlank Spaces: 0)
    Ice: Use the power of snow and ice to freeze your enemies in they’re tracks. (Shadowfaith and Archsage Spaces: 0)
    Water: Use this watery power to drown your enemies and trap them. (Shiney and MidnightDragon_249 Spaces: 0)
    Earth: Use this strong power to crush your targets. ( Glajummy, Spaces: 1)
    Lightning: Use this energy to stun and shock those that oppose you. (Hero of time Link and Stardust-Kumo, Spaces: 0)
    Poison: Use this power to slowly damage your foes. (Mizuki, Spaces: 1)
    Psychic: Use this power to air your friends, read minds and pick up objects. (Alter Ego, Archsage, Spaced: 0)
    Air: Use this power to slash and cut at your foes flesh. (Random Fan and Chibi-chan, Spaces: 0)
    Dark: Use the shadows to do your bidding. (Shadow- Yue and ACC-M Spaces: 0)
    Light: Use your healing powers to aid friends and blind enemies. (Uzumaki Naruto and Rena Spaces: 0)

    Fafnir: Shadowfaith, Stardust-Kumo, Archsage, JBCBlank (Sapces: 1)
    Orochi: Shiney, JBCPeace, ACC-M, Mizuki and Chibi-chan (Spaces: 0)
    Nidhogg: Alter Ego, Glajummy, Shadow Yue, Hero of Time Link and Random Fan (Spaces: 0)
    Coca: Uzumaki Naruto, Archsage, Rena, MidnightDragon_249 (Spaces: 1)

    OKAY! I'm gonna start this RPG. There are two spaces left, if no one wants them then I'll create another character and someone else is also aloud to create another character. The ones that have reserved places, please either finish them as soon as possible, or give up the space. I'm not gonna chase people until I think you've had plenty time.