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I program the *other* ASM.
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I am no longer active on these forums; if you need to contact me please use e-mail unless your name is Seth in which case please run a virus scan first. I probably won't develop this tool any more, you can steal the code or something.

Works in: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, and Pokemon Sapphire. (Now dynamic offsets work in Gold too)

Most of the posts on the first page (except this one) that I have made are for the old command-line version.
If you don't have a webkit-based (e.g. Safari), Mozilla-based (e.g. Firefox), or css3-compliant browser, get firefox now as this page's CSS renders well ONLY in one or more of these conditions. If you use, for example, Internet Explorer, it will not display correctly.

Simple Guide Here
Beginners only - PKSV is so much more than this!

Warning: Never use #org $1 (or similar pokescript parlance), as it will write to position 1 in the ROM and corrupt vital data.
Get it at

Simply put, PKSV is a Pokémon Advance script editor. A very good one...
One you will instantly get hooked on - It's only a matter of time before you download!
The package you most probably want is the package with GUI.
Here's how it looks:

Anyone with spare time, a brain, and a sharp eye for bugs can develop it if they want - I give away ALL the source code in the download link!

I have developed this program in my free time because I found that Rubikon and PokeScript weren't advanced enough to suit my needs. This program will also automatically notify you of updates [version data] whenever they're available.

Two of the most unique features about this program:
  • It compiles movements into easy-to-read movement lists, not #raw!
  • It has a built in script generator! (But I'll need some more people to give me ideas about some other simple scripts that I could generate!)
  • Heck, you can even zoom in and out with ctrl+mouse wheel. (Or indeed, ctrl+numpad+ and ctrl+numpad- respectively)

How to install:
Use an unzipping program (if you don't have EITHER Windows XP OR one of these, do a google search for AlZip) to unzip the file you downloaded (usually pksvui_pkg?-?-?.zip).
Unzip it into its own folder and when you are happy with the place you have put it, double-click "AssociateShell.bat" to register PKSV in its current folder with your system.
Now all you have to do is run "pksvui.exe" and play around!

(If you're interested in how Gold #dynamic works, look here)
#dyn findfromgold
#org @test
2writetext :test
2ptjump :asd
= Testing\nTest1\e
#3ptr @zzzz
#org @zzzz
3writetext @asdf
3jump @yyyy
#org @yyyy

#org @asdf
= Message 2\e
Notice that 2-byte pointers use :labels and 3-byte pointers use @blocks. This is because "#org" blocks will never cross a bank, so a label inside them ensures it will be able to use a 2-byte pointer safely. You cannot use labels for 3-byte commands, unfortunately, you will have to use a code block.

Please reply if you like it!
...or rate this thread, or add reputation to this post, or PM me with hate, or add to my visitor messages.

Tech stuff:
PKSV is a GPL-licenced decompiler and compiler for Pokémon Advance ROMs, currently with only one developer - me!
There are 2 executables: pksvui.exe is the frontend (the graphical IDE) and pksv.exe is the backend.
It is programmed in a mixture of C and ASM, and compiled with Visual C++.