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Well i would really like to be a beta tester.

Why? Well although i don't find major bugs i usually find the bugs that no one else bothers to find. I've had some experience. Although i wasn't a beta tester for sg and rdrol i did find a good amount of minor and a couple major bugs.

By what i mean in finding bugs no one else bothers to find i can relate that to the first bug i found is sg. The prof jump error. That is a bug that no one would have bothered to find since they most likely didn't think about checking all the ways that the script can activate, and in some cases, cause messed up movement. So basicaly... i check everything. (or at least try to)

If you don't think im good enough then its fine with me. I'll just wait a while longer until i can say i was a offical bug tester (Instead of just reporting the bugs from a public beta)
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