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Originally Posted by Jappio View Post
Thanks for the kind words Ionic.
First Splices

I like. These are the best on this whole post especially the heracross one.

Splice Sheet 2

These not to much. The spheal one looks like its going XD and the skarmory looks like its balancing a halo on its head,

Splice Sheet 3

These are the worst. Except for the arcanine one.

Splice Sheet 4

Sprite sheet 4 is really cool. Not as original as the first one but cool. I like especially the poliwrath one. It is holy looking.

Splice Sheet 5

This one though is the funniest. You got a manbearpig, a elderly dragon
wise person looking cat, a retarded ditto, a serial killer bird and a nightmare type bat on one sheet. The only one I hate is the jumpluff one.

Splice Sheet 6

This one over here has a girly but nice touch to it. Th eyes on 2 of the sprites kill them though.

Splice Sheet 7

This is the most strangest. Well only the last 4. The nose freaks me out and the sprites are to happy to have it.

Splice Sheet 8

I really want to comment on this. The whole houndoom thing is cool. After that it got bad. I see a bunch of nothing for te shaymin thing. The searglre is going to hold the stinger how?But the last 2 are the coolest. I woud love to catch a flat moth.

Splice Sheet 9

No I was wrong this is the strangest.

Splice Sheet 10

The 2 sprites I have no idea what to say. I like also the leafeon glaceon one though. Acually I like all eevee combos. OMG donphan took stantlers horns! Well we got carried away with the girafrig one didnt we. i wanna know though were you got that green on the last one.

Splice Sheet 11

I always new medusa existed. Anyway that mantine had to much sugar. Snorlax ate some bad fruit. The flower is know a snake?! You got a voodoo thing with the hootheads wich I like. That bird is the grass type of the original trio of birds right/ I swear that nut thing is out to get me. I wanna know were you get Ideas like this.

Splice Sheet 12

A hula hula blastoise. Cool. A cyborg rayquaza is always welcome. No thats medusa. What should have been combee. Heya to you 2. I will kill again! Never get a clown angry. Firey snake dinosaur things are aways cool in my book.

Splice Sheet 13

HAW no way! How do you control this? I will kill again as well. I am the master of puppets! Ha mess with me I dare you. I am the new legendary. Some gained weight. I ama radio controlled A. Fear me.

Splice Sheet 14

Oh is this one straight? And you put that there and you done. Woof. Never mix cats and dogs. Never. UUH I am bad luck? A crap I knew it was a bad idea to put them in the daycare. Hey its a floating nazi head. Coool!

Splice Sheet 15

Well isnt this great. Im furry. Falco PUNCH! See what drugs do. Haha it is I round mole thing. With a 5 o clock shave. I will know kick you ad fly away. K? Blastoise. NOW with sideburns! Finally a good blood sucker. Dont mess with the doo.

Splice Sheet 16

Dont mess with the best. And his brother. I protect all. Huzzah for ultimate type pokemon 8x. I will protect and grant and serve, A flying rock what next? OH I know. The crazies escaped the zoo. RUN!

Splice Sheet 17

Im to sexy for a knife on my head. Wahaha I medusas pet. I got a recolor like it? HHHMM. If your a skunk which releses gases as well as fire can you fire your self as a rocket? The most beautiful beauty. Want to smell my flower? Weres my body?! Spiky! Oh god I have to lay off the booze.

Splice Sheet 18

Yeah baby I rule! Is my wig on straight. Ahh I lurv my stache. Flowers anyone? PPFFFT get out of my sight. This blocks bullets 99.99 of the time. I cant freeze now! You forgot your homework?! Get over here!

Splice Sheet 19

Hair of the 80s is 2 underrated. Gah I attack! The bows are so pretty. I have ears the size of kanto. Well what do we have here? Im too ugly for a contest. Whats mightyena doing here?! After this chuck e cheeses k?

Splice Sheet 20

I am the dog of flowers! Arent I pretty? Shoot me. Now. Haha bro I are the bomb. The mystic turtle.
I commented on the first 7n like normal. Then I did comments by expression. Hope you dont mind. I did this cause I like them not cause I hate you.
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