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Alright, people have been asking where I got all my FR, LG, and R/S/E tile sets. And I tell everyone that I compiled all of the tile sets on my own. But it didn't occur to me that not everyone has all of the tilesets, they are. These are all the tile sets from Fr/LG, and R/S/E.

I categorized them; Caverns Dungeons, and Underwayer; Towns, Cities, Routes; and Indoors. Note: These are not my custom tile sets, these are only the official tile sets. Do not ask if I will release my custom tilesets, which I will, but not for a long time. Also, these tile sets are not doubled in size, like most game makers need them to be, so this fits with sphere only I guess, but whatever.

Captain Arcane

Caverns, Dungeons, Underwater

Towns, Cities, Routes