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Cool! This stuff is amazing! But just a few things. When I tried to play as the girl character, everyone refers to her as "sir" and has the same dialogue as if they were talking to the boy protagonist...

Also, is it possible to change Ghost moves into Special base and Dark moves into Physical? They're both super effective against Psychics and Ghosts and the only difference is that Ghost moves don't affect Normal types while Dark moves are ineffective against Fighting types. I mean really, Special Crunch/Bite/Faint Attack/Thief/Pursuit make no sense whatsoever... and as for the Ghost moves, sure Lick/Astonish are Physical, but I don't think I'd use it as much as Shadow Ball (Gengar's Shadow Ball just doesn't do enough damage!)

That's just a suggestion... you don't have to implement it if you don't want to...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... but how does Amelia's Blaziken have Ice Punch? (X version) Ice Punch isn't compatible with Blaziken...
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