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    Hey im new here and i want to play the latest version of this game but when i go 2 his first post(Zel's) I can't seem to find it. And i seem to be having probs with it altogether like i don't understand if im doing it right or not or what i need. I have the firered rom and the visualboy advance but i dunno how to get shiny gold 2 work oh and if it's allowed can someone show me the link to the LIPS file you used to get this game to work? Thanks alot of you can help cuz this game looks nice.

    ok i got the latest edtition of the ''game'' but i can't seem to get it 2 work and by this i mean HOW do i get it 2 work becuz when i downloaded it from this post it was an ips file and i have pokemon fire red rom so now i just need help on this. anyone?

    ok i got it to work now it says the 1M sub-circuit board is not installed. How do i fix this cuz i got the game 2 start up but i get this prob. anyone?

    oh and sry for triple posting i didn't see the edit button so srry i really didn't mean to and it won't happen again and im sorry
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