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    Thanks for the support. Right now I've only encountered 2 glitches, but they're acceptable. I am getting there on the text and I only have a few maps to change. After that I SHOULD be done but I may be forgetting some text like on signs and what not.

    And there is a surprise down the road that I dont remember if I completed or not, and if I didn't I probably forgot how to do it, so that might take some time.

    Anyway thats the update for now. About those to glitches, one I knew about but it doesn't affect gameplay at all. it is visible but I'm sure you wont notice it. I know why both of them happen, and I know how to fix one (I won't because I dont remember where it was and the fix might cause something else to break, so I'll leave it the way it is.) The other one I'm still trying to fix. It doesn't hinder gameplay, its just a text error that occurs when you battle someone, but its noticable and I want to fix it.

    And I'm not sure how to change the rom to make it so you can catch other trainers pokemon. I know there is a gameshark code, but if you use that the trainer battle ends once you capture the pokemon, so it would be pretty lame. I'm not Coolboyman, I have no idea how to add things, just change whats already there. haha

    Again, theres your update.
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