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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    I like the way you present your project!
    very neat and clean. I also like the story which goes deep with nature. I like this.

    in the screenies, I like the simplicity. though, I find the screen where the player talks to the old man about electricity, the grammar is a bit wrong, "I'd rather the POKéMON that lived in the trees." :\

    anyways, it is very nice.., so keep it up~
    I'm pretty sure it's correct. "I'd" is acting as a contraction for I+would, so it reads "I would rather the POKémON that lived in the trees." As far as I know that's correct...I think? What did you think was wrong with it. If it's wrong I'd love to know so I can change it! =) you can tell: I'm the grammar snob about whom your mother warned.

    Originally Posted by Mr. Absol View Post
    awesome, need any help?
    id love too any way i can
    If help involves making sprites, then, Yes! I need your help! If anyone wants to help contribute to this hack, whether it be tools, advice, sprites, etc., please consult the bulletin board!

    Thanks for the complements, everyone! I'd love to talk about a cool building in the next town/city, but right now I'm focused on making the map work, so I haven't even tried implementing it yet. Again, if anyone knows what the cause of my map problem is (please consult Glitch section) I'd be in your debt!!
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