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    Originally Posted by EarthsVisitor View Post
    I'd like to help you with your map glitch problem, but alas I don't understand the problem?

    Is the sprites supposed to hide partially under the tiles? or completely? And they are not?
    Please be more specific, or provide a small screenshot (I know you don't want to reveal the new city).

    I would love to help you fix this problem. :]
    Well, that's alright! Giving a couple of screens isn't the end of the world (you can't tell anything by the screens anyway):

    See how even the Pokéball is on top of the tiles?

    The hero is under the top of the tree tile on every other map? And if you go to the Saffron City map, everything is normal.

    Originally Posted by cooley View Post
    This styled Layout beats any CSS layout
    I really like your hack, the palettes, and everything. Say, if you can provide images for the Titlescreen, I can insert them, if you want me to. :D

    Thanks, for posting such a great hack, even though it's not far, it's still good.
    I can tell it'll be good in the future
    Hehe, I thought so! Trying to learn CSS is too time consuming, and isn't worth it (in my opinion). Now I know HTML, but, Hrmm... =D Unfortunately, the palettes won't be sticking around for long! Although, I think the switch is for the better, and looks far superior.
    Anywho, I'll get those images to you in a PM.}
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