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Originally Posted by Xray View Post
Great Job, Nice to see another Remake that has the potential to be finished!

Keep up the good work!
co-owner here,
Thanks, link has been working on this solid for ages, I wake up everyday to discover he's been staying up till 5 with this hack o.O, he's become nocturnal! I've been helping link on this for about 5-6 months.
Well, we have Johto pretty much done (mapping and scripting)
I'm SURE it'll get finished

Originally Posted by Bombah! View Post
Yo you´re copying Zel... XD, jk.

Great to see the thread up.
I like the screens and your ideas, but you could explain them a little more (like the Berry growing thing)

And, I don´t know, but is "A new places and area's to roam and discover." correct?

Good luck and HF,

EDIT: What about Userbars?? I want one
Basically the berry system is an idea we got of R/S/E, you plant your berrys and they'll grow eventually.
We'll be adding new area's into this hack just to give it our own piece of originality
Lol I could try and get userbars made, or make em' myself..

Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
Can you change Silver's OW sprite? He looks like a girl.
Yeah we changed that yesterday

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