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Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
woot yes the final beta is come to town :D big tnx DJG - Time- :D just chill bro hope everything goes fine to you :D
thanks,a nd hopefully, I will be okay. :\

Originally Posted by Innocent Light View Post
Glad you thought about releasing the beta. . . Better prepare for bug reports. :3

* Anyway, I'm really not that good at battling. It was just plain luck. And just to let you know, I lost when battling Angeallen. :\ ehehe... and it was recorded.

Back on topic... Good luck.
thanks and worry not bro...
I will upload it on YouTube.

Originally Posted by mach8822 View Post
So, it's all finished.
Masn, you rarely see people finishing one game let alone two.
yeah, thanks...

Originally Posted by ~Daisuke~ View Post
BTW Jagold...when Rose evolves into Espeon and you go back to the Square...there is both the Rose Eevee and the Rose Espeon...
minor bug...
I already know that, but thanks for reminding me...

Originally Posted by Wind~ View Post
Wait, your "Pikachu" base or the "Gardavoir" base? :\

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