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    Title of Story: The road to revenge
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: Shane set's out to become a powerful pokemon trainer, to be able to get vengance.
    Genre: Action
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-13
    Type of mentor needed: non specific, but grammar is a must (english isn't my mother language so I may make certain dumb mistakes, though I always try to make not that much mistakes.)
    Writing sample of story:
    Are you going to call your last pokemon into battle or not,” an old woman, standing to the opposite of Shane, said.

    This sentence brought him back to the moment, he opened his eyes and picked a regular pokeball from his belt. Now it's up to you, he thought. He raised his head, words racing through his mind like mad man, become stronger, I will dad, I will avenge my mother's death.

    It's all up to you now girl, go get them Athena!” Shane shouted full of confidence.

    He threw the pokeball up in the air, to let the pokemon out. In mid-air it opened, and white energy shot out. The light took shape, and vanished, revealing the pokemon. In front of Shane stood a big, strong, and proud female Arcanine.
    Other: Though I really love writing, this is my second only pokemon fan fiction. I have only the prologue written atm, it's about 5 pages long, and about 2500 words in total.
    My fanfic: ~{The road to revenge}~
    My review(s): the chossen from fate

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