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Sigh... I will now briefly explain the birth of this game:
pokehacker88: [with telephone ringing, then it picks up] Hello, is this cookie cutter? Yes, well, you see... I was looking for your help with my game, you know, Pokemon Siara? No? Ah, well. Anyways, I wanted you to help me create this game, and let's see here... what do I need you to do... Ah, yes! Everything! Please make this game function like something we've seen hundreds of times before and are now kind of sick of. What's that? ...Oh, yes, that will be all. And I'll need it by Saturday... You too. B'bye.

Sorry to be so blunt, it's just that... You're not in hacking any more. You're going to have to be a bit more original to cut it. Use some underused tiles *cough Alistair cough*, or, even better just make your own. Sir Aaron is taken as well as the mailing system. Looks like you're a bit late to the punch on every account here.
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