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Name:Pokemon Firered
Hack of:pokemon Silver
percentage:uh before 1
What I'm good at:I guess I'm good at basic scripting(such as people talking and regular battles)I know how to change the sprite apperance of the hiro in battle,and a little mapping
What I need help on:scripting leaders and the advanced scripting,title screen background,changing of the intro sprite(hiro/hiroine/rival)and spriting hero to match its apperance and beta testing
My email:[email protected] or PM me

Base Game:firered
hack of silver
percentage:under 1
good at:basic scripting (peolpe talking and regular battles)spriting the hiro battle sprite,a little mapping
need help:editing the title screen background,editing the the intro sprites(hiro/hiroine/rival),advanced scripting, a plot, beta testing,editing the hiro sprite (during gameplay)some more mapping
Info:[email protected] or PM me thx