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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
YES! It IS true! So why is the truth being censored? This guy's a friggin' idiot and someone needs to tell him that! Have you taken a good look at his posts? Here, let me give you an example:

Do you see that? NOT A SINGLE PERIOD! Someone needs to bring this issue into the light. And he's not the only one! I've seen quite a number of people who shouldn't even be allowed on the internet, let alone this forum! I could quote dozens of posts with disgusting grammar that would make you sick to your soul. You're compromising the sanctity of this forum by allowing these people to post pointless crap and then turning around and deleting the posts by the decent people, claiming that "it's not nice". I'm getting fed up with the tolerance of n00bs on this forum. Do you enjoy filtering through post upon post with horrid spelling? Why don't you make your and our lives easier and DO THE RIGHT THING! Censor the n00bs, not the good, honest folk who actually have something valuable and intelligible to say.

Go ahead, delete this post too if you must. I'll save a copy for myself. That's not the point. The point is somebody has to speak out against this atrocity and shed some light on the very issue that is tearing this forum apart, day by day, post by post.

I thought you were on our side...
[the-truth]Sadly, bad grammar isn't the thing that is destroying this community, it's the fact nobody tries to learn. I do admit that bad grammar makes me mad too, but still... Get over it, it's a Pokemon forum. If you want good grammar then go to a forum for adults.[/the-truth]

On-topic: WOW! Nice document! Except all this information if showed in the status bar when you move your mouse over the specific permission. :\
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