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I am also applying as a client. I have three stories, all of which I will describe. Hopefully, since I saw nothing against this, this will be acceptable.

(Story #1)
Title of Story: . . . >.> Still thinkin' of one.
Fandom: Pokémon (human adventures)
Plot summary: A young trainer starts out her adventure with a rough, rough start. Her foster father, Kyo (Koga of Fuschia City), is of hardly any help to her. She tries to fight for justice, although cannot see the hypocrisy in her actions, as she treats her Pokémon terribly to aim for one goal: More power with which to destroy Roketto-Dan. And that's just the first two arcs.
Genre: Tragedy, Romance, Action
Rating (PG, R, etc): Probably R-ish for explicit violence, explicit adult themes, and language.
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive
Writing sample of story:

(from the first few arcs in Kanto)

In anger, the Pokémon's black eyes glared at the bushes near Nareta, its bright pink lips signified a readiness for a fight. It didn't wait long as an orange Pokémon jumped out of the bushes, growling at the blue Pokémon. Nareta was able to recognize the blue Pokémon as a Nyoromo, being a familiar face around Sekichiku City; however, the canine-like Pokémon was unidentifiable. Nareta had never seen that Pokémon before. Its yellow, bushy chest fur glimmered from what little light shined in the forest Nareta stood in, as did the fluffy, golden tail. In spite of its beauty, Nareta was also able to notice its small fangs and sharp claws. There were two on each of its four paws nonetheless, making Nareta's knees quake in anticipation and anxiety.

"Ga!" the orange, black-stripped Pokémon shouted, building up a fireball in its throat. Soon, that fireball molted into a large flame which was shot at the Nyoromo.

"Nyo!" Nyoromo screeched, getting hit full-on with the fiery blaze. However, it was able to stand its ground and shoot a blue stream of liquid out of its mouth, knocking back the flames and pummeling the dog. Nareta stared in horror at the scene before her.

These things; they're
, she gulped down her growing fear, they're monsters! The terror was overwhelming.

Angrily, the dog ran toward Nyoromo, who had jumped in front of Nareta after its attack. Seeing the Pokémon come at it, Nyoromo hopped to the side just as the dog spread its claws. Unable to stop its attack, the Pokémon headed straight for Nareta with nails outstretched and intent to kill.

Nareta's heart hammered in her chest, making her body noticeably convulse. The pulsating was plain to see in all major arteries as she imagined her demise. The only thing that stood in the way of her and death was a short distance of nothing but air. She stared wide-eyed into the face of Armageddon, waiting for the claws to collide with her and end her life. Instead, she saw a shot of yellow electricity fly across the sky, engulfing the dog in lightning.

(also from Johto)
Another day, another adventure – Nareta wanted to live by these words. She loved the feeling and rush of battling. Unfortunately, her last tournament ended in failure. Be it nerves or the flu, Nareta was mocked for not showing up to the final match. She left Kanto without a second thought, not even saying goodbye to Kyou. Her first adventure got off to a rocky start, but she was able to pull through and come out alive, though bruised and beaten from her ordeal. Luckily, she was able to meet someone. Someone she missed every day. If she could only see him one more time, she'd be satisfied. If she could only touch him one last time. . .

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