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    Title of Story: PokeSpecial: Johto Journeys
    Fandom: Original Trainer Fanfic.
    Plot summary: A story about a young boy named Gold with the ambition to be just like his father. He goes on a journey with a Cyndaquil, just like his father and soon begins to realize something is happening in Johto and it is up to him, Crystal, and Silver. These three go on different journeys, but often run in to eachother.
    Genre: Journey, with a hint of Romance and Mystery.
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG: 13
    Type of mentor needed: Grammatical most likely...
    Writing sample of story:

    Chapter 1: Vs. Sentret
    It was an early, and dark morning. The sun hadn't even begun to rise and Gold was already up. He couldn't wait until he started his journey. He often wondered which Pokemon he would get as his starter.

    "Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil." he whispered to himself.

    He sat in a blue computer seat, backwards, staring out of his window at a huge lab across the town. He sighed and turned around to face the computer turned on in his room. He exited out of everything and turned it off, thinking about what to do.

    He couldn't sleep, and his mom was asleep so he couldn't do that. He flopped on to his fluffy bed and stared up at his blank roof. He was wearing a pair of yellow pajamas. A yellow long-sleeved shirt, and yellow shorts.

    He turned his head to the right, and spotted his father's album. Gold sat straight up and grabbed the album. It was red and on the front had a picture of his father.

    His father had brown ruffled hair, glimmering gold eyes, wore glasses, a black long-sleeved shirt, yellow shorts, a black and yellow baseball cap, and his favorite necklace. His necklace was a black lace with a silver locket, shaped like a Pokeball, and it contained Gold's mother's picture and someone else in it. Back then, his father was 13 and his mother was 12, and they were dating.

    Gold's eyes swelled up with tears and he quickly looked away from the book. His father was dead, and it pained Gold to see his father's broad smile again. When Gold was 6 his father had drastically died by falling off a cliff, trying to save Gold.

    In the picture, Gold's father was surrounded by his Pokemon. A Noctowl, Typhlosion, Chansey, Politoad, Ursaring, and an Arbok. They were all smiling as happy as could be. Gold turned straight to the last page and found his father, all of his Pokemon, his mother, and then Gold himself. His father was ruffling Gold's hair, his mother was laughing, and all of his father's Pokemon were laughing.

    Gold closed the album and leaned over his bed and grabbed his silver bag, opened it, and slid the album inside. He closed the bag shut and laid back on his bed, staring at the ceiling again. He wondered again for about the millionth time, which Pokemon he would get as his starter.


    The morning had finally arrived! Light slowly crept in through Gold's window and he slowly flickered his eyes open. He sat up and rubbed his eyes confusingly, figuring he had dozed off.

    He yawned loudly and rolled out of bed. He slowly crept over to his dresser, opened one of the drawers, and took out his clothes. He slowly changed in to his usual attire, a black T-shirt, a red polo long-sleeved shirt with a white pocket, yellow and black shorts, a pair of red and white running shoes, his father's old necklace, a yellow and black baseball cap, and a pair of white goggles. His father's old necklace held two pictures, the same one of his mother, and then a picture of his father when he had been Gold's age.

    Gold picked up his silver backpack and walked out of his bedroom. He trotted down the stairs, looking for his mother, but she was nowhere to be found. He found a plate of two pancakes on the kitchen table, with a piece of paper under his glass of orange juice.

    Gold sat down and picked the letter up, unfolded it and began to read it to himself.


    I'm very sorry honey, but I had to leave the house to find Aipom. She escaped out of your window this morning before you woke up and I had to go find her. Have fun on your journey and be careful.

    Love Mom.

    Gold sighed in disappointment. He crumpled the letter up and threw it in the trashcan. He stood up and left the house without even eating a bite of his pancakes, he wasn't hungry.

    It was fresh and nice outside in the little town of New Bark. He had been born, raised, and almost killed there. All of his life he grew up in New Bark, caring for the stranded, abandoned, and hurt Pokemon that wondered in to town.

    Gold looked down the street, towards the local laboratory and started walking towards it. He knew now that he wanted either Cyndaquil or Totodile, but he didn’t know which of the two he wanted.

    He arrived at the front porch and rang the doorbell. The doorbell rang, and the ring echoed throughout the lab, as if nobody was there. Gold stood there, his hat on backwards, waiting for the Professor or Professor Assistant to come and help him out.

    Finally, after what seemed like hours, a tall man wearing glasses, a blue T-shirt, a white lab coat, and cacki pants opened the door. He had a smile across his gleaming face, which was covered in ash and had grayish hair.

    "Hello. You must be Gold, am I right?" the man asked.

    Gold looked up at him and then noticed movement inside the lab. Gold looked behind the an and saw a young boy of about Gold's age, wearing a black and red long-sleeved shirt and gray pants sneak off with a red and white sphere in his hand. He reached one of the windows, leading to the forest behind the lab, opened it up quietly, and jumped out. Gold noticed in the boy's back pocket was a red mechanical device.

    Gold shook his head, wondering what the boy had been doing and looked back up at the Professor.

    "Yes sir. My name is Gold. Are you Professor Elm?" Gold asked.

    "Why. Aren't you the smart one? Yes, I am Professor Elm of Johto. Now follow me." he said motioning with his hand for Gold to follow him.

    Gold stepped inside and looked around. Everywhere he looked there were Pokemon. Butterfree, Caterpie, Typhlosion, Meganium, and Feraligatr. The hallways were riddled with bookshelves, and all of the books were filled with information on Pokemon.

    Gold stopped at one of the bookshelves, and saw a book that filled him with questions. Mike, A Journey of New Bark Town's most prized trainer. Gold gulped and grabbed the book. Mike had been his father. Gold knew he didn't have time to read it, so he slipped the book in to his backpack and jogged back to Professor Elm.

    Professor Elm stopped as Gold reached him and opened up a door. Inside was a few desks, and the walls were riddled with bookshelves. Gold looked around the room and noticed one desk had three platforms, and two held Pokeballs and in front of the three of each of them were 5 Pokeballs and 1 Pokedex.

    Professor Elm looked at the desk and then screamed in horror.

    "W-where is the other Pokeball? It contained a Totodile! I knew it was there. I put it there just a few minutes ago!" Professor Elm said looking everywhere for the missing item.

    Gold was tempted to tell the professor about the mysterious boy, but decided not to. HE walked up to the desk and grabbed the Pokeball with the label under it 'Cyndaquil', clipped it on to his belt, and grabbed the other items. He put the Pokedex in his pocket, and clipped the 5 Pokeballs on to his belt, and left.


    The first route in the Johto Region was very peaceful today. The Pokemon were about their own business, playing together or training with each other. Gold sat on a rock, staring at the new Pokemon he had just obtained after letting it out of its Pokeball.

    “Cynda!” it squealed.

    Gold sat there and then finally smiled. “Hey there little guy. I’m your new trainer.” Gold said, bending over and sitting the little Pokemon in his lap. Cyndaquil looked up at him and smiled. Gold chuckled a little, remembering the last time he had seen a picture of his father’s first Cyndaquil.

    Then, the bushes started rustling. Gold jumped up to his feet, being caught off guard, and spun around to face the bushes. Then, a brown Pokemon with a long tail walked out of the bush calmly, as if nothing had happened.

    “Sen.” It said casually. Gold sighed and took out his Pokedex. He was a little ticked, but was also relieved. He flipped the top cover over and scanned the newly appeared Pokemon.

    “Sentret, the Scout Pokemon. It has a very nervous nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wide areas.” The Pokedex bursted to life. Gold nodded and then scanned Cyndaquil. “Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokemon. It has a timid nature. If it is startled, the flames on its back burn more vigorously.” Gold nodded again and put the Pokedex away and smirked at the Sentret.

    “Easy first win, Cyndaquil.” He muttered.

    "Cynda!" Cyndaquil replied.

    Gold smiled at his new Pokemon and then let out a deep breath to calm himself. "Cyndaquil use Tackle!" Gold called out. Cyndaquil nodded and leapt at the Sentret. He slopped on to the Sentret, knocking it to the ground, but the scout Pokemon quickly leapt to its feet and threw Cyndaquil off of him.

    "Cynda!" Cyndaquil yelled as he skidded across the grassy field to a halt at the base of a tree. Cyndaquil quickly leapt to his feet and shook himself off. Gold grunted, realizing this wouldn't quiet be as easy as he thought it would be. He looked from Cyndaquil and then back at the Sentret, thinking about their next move.

    The Sentret crouched and then sped off towards Cyndaquil, in an amazing attempt to use Quick Attack. Cyndaquil saw this and did a small leap in the air, and then with his hind legs he pushed off the tree behind him, dodging the Sentret's attack and causing it the hit the tree. Cyndaquil landed on his feet behind the dazed Sentret with a smirk on his face.

    "Cyndaquil Tackle!" Gold said.

    Cyndaquil turned around on his toe and then slammed himself in to the Sentret. Leaves in the tree rustled and a few floated to the ground. "Sen!" the Sentret yelped as it got its head stuck in a newly formed tree hole. Gold grimaced, realizing what he had done and quickly ran up to the Sentret. He grabbed its side, and Cyndaquil grabbed its tail.

    "One...two...three...pull!" Gold said. Then, Cyndaquil and Gold both pulled on Sentret, but it was to no avail. Sentret yelped in pain and the two stopped pulling and released. Gold felt terrible for getting the Pokemon stuck in this situation.

    "Need a little help?" a familiar voice rang out. Gold blinked and looekd behind him and saw a young girl of a few years older then him. She had blue hair going in two directions and wore a red tank top, a small white overjacket, black and white snadex shorts, and a yellow headband. Gold groaned realizing that it was the girl who lived across from him, Crystal. They are both friends, but they don't have the same mindset.

    "What are you doing here?" Gold asked.

    "Ummm. Appearently helping this poor little Sentret." Crystal smuggly replied.

    "Yeah? Well we don't need your help." Gold sourly said.

    The two trainers stared at eachother grimly until Crystal broke the silence.

    "You know what? That Sentret needs help and you and your puny little Cyndaquil aren't going to help it."

    "Why I oughta! Actually, you know why you say that? Cause you're a know it all professors little girl! You've been treated like royalty your entire life and I have no idea why you're here seeing as how you've already gone on your journey. Even the gym leaders treated you like royalty!" Gold replied.

    "I didn't ask for that! Plus, I won my gym battles fair and square!" Crystal argued.

    "Oh no you didn't! Do you even know why you won all your battles on the first try? BEcause otherwise the gym leaders thought they would get an earful from your daddy, Professor Elm!" Gold argued back.

    Crystal's face was bright red with anger now. She called out her newly hatched Chikorita, and ordered it to use a Razorleaf attack. The razor sharp leaves cut through the tree bark, and the Sentret was sent free. Crystal recalled her Chikorita, turned away, and left. Gold sat there on the ground, and figured good, she had left him alone.


    Other: I've been writing outside of PC for about 2 to 2 in ahalf years...while writing in PC I have grown in writing quit alot and I am now thinking aout becoming a professional writer when I grow up:D I think my strengths in writing is description, and I am pretty sure my weakness is grammatical errors...

    Credit to banner/avy PC Family
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