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Pokemon Auranite
The D/P/P Prequel staring Riley

Team Leader: Anuhrima

Team Name: Aura Inc

Current Members:
Anuhrima( Project Director, Story Editor)
GFA(Overworld Spriter)
Jessieb(Fakemon Spriter)

Current Progress: Have made The first town and Tested it out.

Position Needed:
Scripter( Preferably Advanced With Battle System and familiar with Pokemon Essentials)
Fakemon Spriter( One Who could scratch Fakemon from a drawing)
Overworld Spriter( D/P/P Style)

Eastern: UTC-5/-4

The Method of Contact:
My Forums( Signature) And on Here

Additional Information:
I want the Spriter to be at the best shape and been spriting for a year or so.
Scripters Need to be good at making scratch scripts, and good at making good Battle Commands)

I'm the baddest brotha up in this forums that gets all the ladies. They can't resist the ruggedness.