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Welcome to the club, Inkpuddle! And trust me. You should have no concerns whatsoever of n00bdom. Your level of diction and astuteness is much higher than that of any troublemaker.

Also, welcome back, Alinthea! I can't say I have any idea who you are.
*looks up name changes in profile*
Aahh, Garra of the desert! I remember you! Stupid name changes... >.>

So, FINALLY, after too long, I've gotten a Beldum swarm! Now that there's a Platinum Move Tutor for Thunderpunch, I don't really need to get one on GenIII, so I'll give this swarm my best!

Right now, I'm on a 2-chain. I'm not going to follow any of the chaining rules except for entering 4-zone patches, when they're not on the edge, and have the correct shake. (The other rules don't seem to be having any effect, and it's too hard to read the arrangements in the Sandstorm.) When this chain breaks, I'll go get a Probopass to faint and put in the lead.

I'm not using my regular hunter Breloom. Instead, I'm going to put together a Pain Split/Hypnosis Spiritomb to negate recoil damage. This could take a while. Thankfully, with two DSes, the swarm isn't going anywhere.
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