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    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu
    Chr. Draco, I don't know what else to say, other than "Thank you. Thank you so much."



    Originally Posted by A post by me at SPPf


    After almost a complete year of fruitless egg hatching, mindless chaining, and nights lost over soft resetting, I have obtained my newest shiny!

    So here's what happened. I went to PokeCommunity to see how the Shiny Hunters Club was doing, and I noticed that another user was soft resetting for a shiny Zapdos. I thought, "Might as well suggest a race, at least it'll give me some motivation." Right as I was about to log off, I noticed my Shiny Hunters Club Card. Admiring my shinies, I noticed that ever since I got shiny Bulbasuar on FR, I alternated between those two games for my soft resetted shinies (Bulbasaur on FR, then Squirtle on LG, Lapras on FR, then Moltres on LG). I then noticed that there was some chained shinies in between the SR'd shinies. Coincidence? Yeah, but at this point, I was desperate.

    Being the superstitious hunter that I am, I decided to try and chain for Meditite on my Diamond version on Route 211 (or whatever route is to the east of Eterna) while I soft reset for Zapdos on FR. I battled a few Pokemon to kill my Synching shiny Abra, and right as I go to my bag to apply the Max Repel and begin my chain, what scrolls across the screen of my GBA SP?

    A beautfiul, sun-tanned Zapdos!

    The battle was fairly simple; with my shiny Scizor leading, I used Swords Dance, then proceeded to False Swipe. The move got its HP down to the very low red, and from there, I was too scared to do much else, so I switched to my shiny Lapras. It paralyzed Lapras on the switch in with Thunder Wave. I use Sing, get it to fall asleep, and through a plethora of balls at it, none of which worked. Oddly, the closest I got to catching it was with a Luxury Ball when it was awake!

    Unfortunately, Pressure and Detect abuse took its toll on Lapras' Sing, so I switched to Snorlax for Yawn. Again, I went through the same throwing random PokeBalls at the golden-thunderbird. *Sigh* Such beauty...eventually, I mustered up the courage to switch back to Scizor and False Swipe it down to 1 HP. Switched back to Snorlax to put it back to sleep. Threw a Timer Ball; no good. Threw an Ultra.






    Totally totally totally unexpected! And I was getting ready to go to bed, too! I did maybe thirty soft resets...ah, such a felicitous happening that was! Shiny hunting really is great.

    I didn't take any pictures simply because I didn't want to disturb everybody in my house that is sleeping, and because of the fact that I wouldn't have uploaded them right away. But here are stats, possible IVs, etc.

    Zapdos Lv. 50 - Hasty
    HP :: 165 (30-31)
    Attack :: 109 (28-29)
    Defense :: 93 (28-29)
    SAtk: 138 (16-17)
    SDef :: 96 (2-3)
    Speed :: 117 (4-5)

    I had a feeling that Speed would be a little low, but I honestly could care less. :D Mixed shiny Zapdos, here I come!

    Edit: Next up...Articuno!!!

    Edit: Oh, yeah, good luck EVERYONE!
    You're welcome and congratulations, sounds like it was epic.
    sp. def and speed were too low, but the most important thing is that is shiny and that the other stats are good.
    Good luck with Articuno.

    Here going strong with a shiny starter.

    Originally Posted by Inkpuddle
    Grats on Zapdos! Geez, all this SRing makes me wish I had shot for shiny Dialga... I love the neon colors on that thing. Maybe next time if I get my hands on Platinum?

    So last night someone from the Trade Corner asked me to make a banner for their trade thread, and in return I got my pick of his Pokemon, which just so happened to include a shiny Umbreon. Granted, I'm extremely anti-hacking and cloning, so I tend to stay away from any rare Pokemon over there. I have a friend who's also crazy about shiny Umbreon, so I took him up on his offer for her. It was kind of surreal to have that thing on my game, but I think it was even more motivation to hatch my prize. xD
    yeah, shiny dialga is so cool, I still remember the moment when I got mine.
    I agree in that it's better to recieve your prize by your own effort, that way you can tell that is legit, and it also feels good to get your own shinies.

    Originally Posted by Alinthea
    Been a bit busy the past few days so I haven't been able to shiny hunt.

    However, I do check my swarms and there is nothing good so meh :/
    take it easy, there's always time, and who knows, maybe there are a lot of surprises, just be patient.

    Originally Posted by Infinite Heartless Core
    Frackin' grats, Fufu. Epic way to get back into the grove of hunting.

    Still nothing new, frickin' lameness.

    So this was a post full of fail, but yeah... Grats again, Fufu.

    Good luck, y'all.
    You'll get yours soon, don't worry, just be patient and constant.

    See you next time guys and good luck everyone.
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