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After 50 boxes of non-shiny Onix:

Shiny Onix finally hatched last night :D. I was getting ready for bed, so I decided to start the 51 box of eggs. I took 5 eggs for that box, and I started hatching them. The first two eggs were normal Onix, and I was going to give up(as I was tired), but I kept hatching the other 3 eggs.

The next egg started to hatch, and I figured that it was going to be a normal Onix. To my surprise, when it completely hatched, it was a shiny Onix :D. I stared at my DS in disbelief, I didn't think I was going to hatch a shiny Onix(as I was losing faith that the Masuda Method worked).

When I checked its stats/nature, it was Modest(XD) and has Sturdy as its ability. I'm not sure of its IV's at the moment, I'll have to do an IV battle later.

Shiny Onix
Modest nature
Shiny Onix video

I'm now going to be hatching for a shiny Cyndaquil in Platinum. I need to get a female Cyndaquil, so I'm currently breeding my Ditto with a Cyndaquil. I'm hoping to get started sometime today, going to take a while for a female to hatch.

Congrats to new shinies everyone.
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