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    “In the order of things that shouldn't be here, I am the sixth.
    But when it comes to battle, I always go out first.”



    We know from the Canalave Library that there is something particular that links Humans and Pokémon. Why do they appear in the tall grass ready for battle? Why have we forgone guns and swords to train them for battle? Why when the world itself is in danger, even the most powerful Pokémon may stand aside and let a ten-year-old human take matters in their hands?

    There is a reason why we live together. Some sort of "pact" maybe.

    But whatever the reason is, it originated with humans and will probably end with them too. What does this mean for a Pokémon that was supposed to be long gone when the first human stuck up their thumb?

    Let's discover what one of these specimen thinks...

    Check the proposal @ Writer's Lounge. Thanks to Valentine and Giratinasaur for the help and suggestions.

    Anti-tiredness Navigation EDIT: sections up to “Sextet” updated at Aug 09 for spellchecking, grammar and the like.

    March, slow and unstoppable. March, sibling left and right, brethren short behind.

    Follow the waves that make our home, brand the shoals with our mark.

    Emerge to the land of wind and sun, gaze at them and listen to our mother behind.

    Meet the enemy, let them meet us. Let's taint the sands with scales together.

    Lower not your sight, always louder cry,

    for over the land of trees, wheat and sun

    the wall of waves and froth we shall expand.


    Wind warmly and gently brushing the appendages that circle my head as I gain consciousness; gently excusing itself for its inability to nurture me the same way the other, more ancient currents did.

    Wind means sun, too: I've got another day to observe this world and let it observe me, this world where I do not belong yet I have chosen to stay.

    Finally awakened, I first perceive the rasping sound of a hundred small tendrils brushing the floor somewhere close, alerting me that the dust accumulated here is to raise again before being carried away by the wind in its feeble attempt to compensate me.

    I like to sleep in this place for some reason. It is not like my watery chamber, but I still like it. The ground I am standing on is more plain and simple than the sandy beaches and the rocky shoals. The walls extend to an incredible height, where a strange ring holding several small suns provides a bright, yet empty light. This chamber is at least as big as my watery chamber, and is most of the time vacant.

    The rest of the time it is me who stays here. And sometimes him.


    The sensory tentacles that circle my neck move instinctively, my eyes dart to the left slightly as the sound of the dusting object ceases and I feel in my anchor appendages that they no longer press against the ground. Then I feel a constant motion, a weight slowly reaching up to me across the ground; before I can stretch my green trunk and turn my head around to watch, the cause of this commotion appears before my eyes looking inquisitively at them. At my real eyes, not the marks in my head others mistake for eyes.

    It's become custom that I lean my trunk away from this apparition to better accommodate my restricted field of vision while the creature in front of me remains immobile and awaits for my next reaction.

    I was once taught that this is no Pokémon but a creature called human. This particular specimen is what the others call Trainer, one I've become more used to see since he took me under his care. I think of it as a very rich, weird and busy uncle. Emphasis on weird.

    I was surprised to see this kind of creature the first time: a two-legged land dweller covered in a flexible, pale brown-ish coat, which when looked closely seems to be made of a porous and elastic tissue a bit similar to that of my tentacles. Two long legs support a prominent trunk that is wider and bulkier and as tall as the legs are. Then from the top of the trunk two long and thick branches flow to the sides, as long as the legs are, but these are ended in five small, semi-rigid tendrils.

    On top of the trunk stands the head, a bulky round mass of the same tissue separated from the main body by a very short neck; unlike the rest of the mostly plain body tissue, the head is covered by lots of pointy scales at the top, countless dark blue ones some of them reaching down to the trunk. Other humans have different amount, layout and colouration of head-scales, or sometimes none at all.

    Such body gives the creature a feeble appearance, like they could be easily swayed by the wind was it not for their big trunk, and their strangely short tendrils make them look, well, freaky. One of the five tendrils at each branch-end is bulkier and shorter than the others and it seems to be misplaced, as it bends counter-wise with respect to the others. Wait, it's even weirder: other Pokémon have explained to me that when a human sticks up their twisted tendril for others of their species to see it means they are very proud of their accomplishments.

    I'm really not making this up! If one asks the others, should they dare, the answer will be the same.

    However I warn you the humans' feebleness is only apparent: they can armour theirself by covering the body with hides of different make, texture and colouration, covering either small parts of their body, or encasing themselves completely. I've learnt that the sets of hide they choose offer both protection and a means of self-identification. They have a fancy word for it -- I haven't bothered to learnt it. What use would it have for me?

    I've seen Trainer's unarmoured frame only a couple of times, and it is quite impressive but depending on the hides he chooses, his appearance can be even more impressive. Such a weird ability had to be their greatest asset in this world, since it didn't seem to me that they had any other powers. I'm most sure this hide-switch is instrumental as a means of establishing status or in activities such as travelling, mating and battling.

    Depending on the hides, a human can look more big, outrageous, playful, defenseless, woeful, or even more "nothing" at all, as some kinds of hides render them incredibly difficult to distinguish by sight. But given that most of the time they won't cover themselves entirely I guess the hide-switching ability may be ineffective against others of their species, or may hinder their senses. Which makes it even weirder because most of the time I see humans in packs and wearing alike sets of hides which would mean they would all be hindered alike; whereas when I see a human alone, such as Trainer, he is usually wearing a more distinctive set of hides and doesn't seem to care he may be left vulnerable.

    Oh, about senses... now that I'm looking up at Trainer's blue-covered head I should point this out, let it one day be of use. The head of a human seems to harbour their sensory systems: two eyes of liquid light blue-green colouration with small marks in their centers. A big mouth (albeit small in proportion to their entire body) which has no fangs, but two rows of nearly identical small teeth instead. – what does that mean about human predatory habits I haven't managed to understand, since I've never seen them during hunting or a similar activity.

    Yeah, I told you: they're weird. Whoever came up with the idea for such a creature was probably having a field day in seaweed land, if you know what I mean... Oh I hope it wasn't Arceus.


    I stop staring at the human before me after I've checked the hides he is wearing, and my heart skips a beat both because of surprise and joy. He seems to feel it as well as he smiles at me (yes, showing me those white-yellow teeth), steps back and asks some questions. I do not pay attention since I know he is probably asking how I spent the night or why I didn't return to my water chamber.

    What I care very much about today is the full set of hides: dark, clean and soft to touch, and very commanding and majestic to sight. Ornamented with several stripes of yellow and green colouration, two thick tendrils of a strange red and rough material covered with minuscule spikes that hang down his branches and a singular wide hide in a wing-like fashion flowing behind. He shows to me his hides and points to the door that leads to the largest chamber here. Now I smile as he does (err... bar the teeth).

    He steps back and walks away from me. I notice as he walks to my left, towards the door, that six small spherical devices hang from the middle part of his trunk, and this confirms my suspicions. I feel now more relaxed, even though I hate the sensation that I know comes next when he points one of the little balls to me and a red tickling beam seems to engulf me; but I shall endure this nonetheless because I love the sensation that comes next, once I am returned to this world inside the so called "Battle Chamber".

    Today is one of these important days.

    Such presentation of his means combat... and it's me who goes first.


    I don't remember exactly how I came to be or how things were when I first awakened. I never met my parents and the other Pokémon unpolitely remind me I have no parents, although I was very, very sure that I did have, it's just that no one seemed to be able to find them back then. I soon learned to no longer care about that.

    There's very little that I remember from my first day and whatever I remember gets kinda... fuzzier with each passing day. After a slumber so long I can't remember when it began or why was I sleeping, a sudden burst of light made me open my eyes that one, first time, and I saw three or four creatures of this human kind, watching at me with their mouths open. They all looked somewhat green-y, in fact everything seemed to be excessively green, and I thought (don't know why, I just did) that it meant green was the colour of my egg.

    Yeah, that had to be: I was somehow looking at them though my egg. A quite large one, as I remember that it was big enough that maybe me and six or seven of my siblings could have grown inside with no problems.

    The one human with blue pointy scales was among them, the closest to my egg's shell, his tendrils pressed against it. I wondered why couldn't I see my mother instead, but I decided that she might be busy and that, of course, I had to break the egg and go to the outside world myself if I wanted to meet her. When I tried to move I couldn't, however. I would command my body to move and it would respond, as evidenced by the feel of my trunk extending and my root tubes crawling slowly towards the wall, and the bubbles of liquid I was floating in moving out of the way, making the liquid more translucent, but my eyes and the rest of my body reflected no further results of what should have been motion.

    It was like some other thing was holding me in place, and for an instant I panicked because I just couldn't feel anything else wrong. What would happen to me if I couldn't leave my egg? Where was my mother, why couldn't I see her calling me to the outside world?

    What if... what if something had happened to my mother? Would I have to fight my way to the world, and then... what, against them, or against whatever had happened to her? Looking back at the humans for a while, however, I felt that I was fine for the time being. I guessed that I would be in danger if they were the ones trying to break my egg instead.

    The other humans were wearing long, thick white hides and strange objects covering their eyes, and from my position inside the egg I could see them communicating with each other. I could not understand what they were saying to each other because sound didn't seemed to penetrate the shell (and I did not know about human language then, anyways). Then, while I was thinking, I felt something strange pulling one of my tentacles and tried to move it further, a force pulling it to the other direction instantly responding. I focused a bit further and could feel some strange objects attached to the tips of my tentacles, essentially pulling them away from my head. I grew more nervous: it didn't feel right that I couldn't move inside my own egg.

    One of the humans did something with his tendrils to a device it was holding, and I felt the liquid of my egg starting to circle, becoming hotter as it did, the increasing amount of bubbles making my vision of the outside world more blurry and less green at the same time. Then I picked something strange in the water and, as I stretched my tentacles to perceive what was going on, something inside me told me that this water was tasteful. My body instinctively sapped some of the water before it quickly disappeared as if a tide was taking it away. It felt bad that I could only grasp its taste for a while before somehow the egg was left empty. I didn't know whether to feel endangered or safe, so I just stared at them and decided to wait for something else to happen.

    Then I remembered. Instead of water there was only air, unnatural air that something in my brain told me it was for land-dwellers to enjoy; I panicked again for a moment thinking that I was to die inside my egg, but when nothing happened after a while I stretched my trunk, as far as the objects pulling my tentacles allowed me to do and realized that I could move and breath in the air without much trouble. A fickle of thought in my head sorta reminded me that it was all right after all, I just didn't know why.

    The humans just stayed there looking at me, so I made a head motion to let them know I was awake, and asked, a bit afraid, what was going on. There was no discernible answer, so I tried again, more politely. I had to ask a lot of times before I decided that these creatures were not capable to understand me – or my shell blocked my voice from the inside too.

    Then things started to get fuzzy. There was a loud and strange sound coming from everywhere in my egg at once, and I felt a strange pressure through the objects that were pulling my tentacles. Then there was another sound, a more growl-like one and the translucent shell was suddenly gone and my body seemed to be forcefully lifted from the ground and carried around – none of my roots managed to keep me in place.

    Next thing I knew, I had been somehow extracted from my egg and was over a flat and cold surface before them. I was too stunned to react, and only when one of them pointed a red, flashy device at me I obeyed my instinct and did what I felt was the most adequate defense just in case: I spat a burst of acid at them. Which, as I had never done it before, failed miserably, dropping to one side of the human and melting part of the ground before him.

    Then chaos ensued. I don't remember too much of what happened then, because there was a lot of noise, and devices popping out of nowhere, and one of the humans started yelling at the one who had approached me, and one other of them was touching different devices repeatedly, and the lights of the chamber I was shifted from a dull blue to a yellow like that of sun and then to a green tone, and then to the blue again, and again and again, what with all the noise and I could only feel cold and a soft shaking under my trunk.

    Anything after that I can't remember, no matter how much I try.

    So I decided that it was better to focus on the next big thing that happened.


    Next time I awakened I was in another chamber, just like the one with my egg but a lot bigger. The blue-haired human was sitting in a strange four-legged unmoving mount, his body and surroundings blurred by a blueish tint, so I assumed that this time one of us was inside another egg. I wondered, most probably it was me. My worries fade quickly however when I noticed I was finding difficult to concentrate: I was feeling very tired yet I had just awoke.

    I also noticed another creature standing at his side. Trying to mentally filter the blue tint away, I decided that the creature was an either yellow or green two-legged land-dweller, shorter and bulkier than the human, with strong lateral branches and a trunk branded by either brown or black zig-zagging stripes. On top of its strangely shaped head two large protuberances like antennae stood proud. A flash in my mind told me this was a Pokémon, and that he could understand me if I tried to communicate.

    Before I tried anything, however, the human perceived somehow that I was awake. He started looking at me, and after a while he unmounted the four-legged object and knocked the wall that separated us a couple of times. Hoping that at least he would stop knocking and let me rest if I paid him attention, I slowly turned around a bit and crawled though the floor of the chamber to get closer to the wall. He would insistently point one of his fingers at me and repeat the same sound several times while flashing a smile. It was difficult for me to hear him, and I had the strange feeling that I was not intended to hear things through air, but that didn't seem to matter to him.

    Then it occurred to me that the Pokémon would know, so I just looked at him and asked, “You, land-dweller, tell me: what is this creature saying?”

    The land-dweller leaned closer and answered with a soft growl: “Your name.”

    I looked back at the human, who had perceived that the Pokémon at his side had communicated with me, but insisted in pointing one of his tendrils at me while slowly and loudly repeating the same sequence of sounds.

    I would soon get used to the sound, since it was how all of them had named me.



    For a long time after that, I had to learn what I was and what they were. I already knew I was a Pokémon (heck, who doesn't know that – I mean, besides human...). I knew I knew some things without having someone explain to me, such as the fact that I could breathe, move and hear better while I was under water, that I could easily perceive motions across the soil if I stiffened my trunk, and that while surrounded by air I could not use my tentacles to drag nutrients to my mouth.

    If I felt threatened (should I say when, what with humans always bugging me...) I knew I could just spit some acid at them, or even better at their devices. That made them angry. Weird-- they seem to value their devices more than their hide, for how important hide seems to be.

    If their invading was too insistent I could try another thing: when focusing my inner energy it would somehow concentrate over my mouth. With just a small motion of my trunk I could hurl that energy at the intruder in the form of a bright green ball, just as if I had spat at them. The only problem is that charging this energy took too much time and left me very tired afterwards.

    So, if even that failed, I would literally stick to the ground and stretch my tentacles to grab and constrict anyone who came too uncomfortably close. That tactic required them to get very close, yes, but it had the advantage that once I could get a grip on them I could to whatever I want without too much resistance. In particular, if I had any spare tentacles I could just spit acid at their faces.

    I also knew that if I was getting too annoyed but still calm enough to trick them into staring at me for long enough, I could do something with my eyes and tentacles that would project a soft light on them: the effects of the light would leave them dizzied, moving stupidly and eerily and apparently talking nonsense. Admittedly that was the funniest thing to do with the white-hide wearing humans. Yet I got quite surprised once: against the human with pointy blue scales this trick had no effect.

    There was one more thing I knew, and it was just bugging me everytime one of them humans came to my sight. There were no humans. There shouldn't be. I was so darn sure of it that I would have bet one of my tentacles had any other Pokémon challenged me to it.

    Eventually I was allowed into a water chamber, large enough that it seemed like a miniature sea to me, where I could crawl and eat as I wanted, and sometimes emerge across a slope, out of the water, to enjoy sunlight. There were some foolish fish that I could attract with my tentacles and devour if I felt hungry, and the chamber floor had several kinds of algae that I could hide between and use to scare the surviving fish and other Pokémon away.

    During all of these activities I'd take note that the white-hide wearing humans were staring at me from the other side of the chamber behind a transparent and very thick wall. Beyond that permanent surveillance, life was calm enough that for the most time I would either sleep or feel sleepy.


    It was in such occasions when I was profoundly asleep that I would find myself suddenly transported to a much richer, deeper and populated sea.

    Most of these dreams were quite alike and vivid, and for some reason very enjoyable, to the point that sometimes I regretted waking up the next day.

    In this sea of dream I awake to find myself suddenly surrounded by my siblings and my family. We Lileep dominate the sea floor, with the elder ones, with larger trunks of a greenish colouration, watching over from the higher sea cliffs and hunting most of the unsuspecting prey.

    At some point during the dream, our large family would gather at a particular point in the sea floor, where the rocks had a particularly strong reddish glow, and claim the warm water and the nutrients that our bodies required. Above us and swimming the sea, several different sea Pokémon and creatures were making us company. In this spot we all together prayed to the Great Keeper of the Seas for her gigantic blue form and her powerful tides to protect us.

    Then, when we were all satisfied, we would be instructed by our elders to chant in preparation for battle. Today, the Great Keeper had announced, we would march across the sea, to where it met with the land, and invade the higher terrains to claim them from the Horrible Beast of the Grounds and his army of land-dwellers.

    And so, with my countless siblings and friends we would rise our tentacles to the warm waters and sing the ode that the Great Keeper had left for us.

    March, slow and unstoppable. March, sibling left and right, brethren short behind.

    We would then march slowly, a giant wave of Lileep and elders carpeting the sea floor as above us the eel-like and fish-like Pokémon took the back position, and ahead of us several groups of Water Pokémon with shapes similar to that of the land-dwellers but armed with great powerful jaws and thick blueish hides paved the way for us.

    And far behind, a pulsating bubble of peaceful, illuminating blue light would wait for the moment to make its move.

    Follow the waves that make our home, brand the shoals with our mark.

    And behind us, a wide and enormous trail was left that would welcome us once we had fought for the Great Keeper. Once we had claimed the land from the impure. A trail so large that when we started climbing the walls leading to the shore, the ones of us who took vigilant looks behind to masure our advance claimed that they could still see our path and by its breadth measure our strength.

    Emerge to the land of wind and sun, gaze at them and listen to our mother behind.

    Meet the enemy, let them meet us. Let's taint the sands with scales together.

    When we reached the shores and emerged from the sea, the hordes of big-jaw Pokémon stayed to our sides, gathered in small clusters, and in the surface of the sea behind us stood the fish-like Pokémon and some others who were very large and powerful, ready to give us support.

    Before us, a landscape of grass, trees, mountain and dust. From it emerging the land-dwellers.

    Coming from behind the treeline and slowly covering the sand just as we had covered the sea floor, countless Pokémon appeared. Most of them were two or four-legged, with rough coating and big claws, some others had elongated and tall bodies covered in spiky hide, and a group of particular ones in the first rows seemed to be able to swim in the wind, unattached to the soil in any way.

    But my siblings and I focused only on the horde that was closer to us, the ones who had come to fight with us. Because every time Lileep crossed the sands to invade, they would be the first ones to try and stop us. Their claws would end stained with our blood, and our tentacles would carry back pieces of their bones and hides, every single time. Those four-legged land-dwellers were smaller than us, and their bodies had a predominant brownish colouration, but their heads were surrounded by an oval-like black plate that made them very hard to damage.

    Lower not your sight, always louder cry,

    for over the land of trees, wheat and sun

    the wall of waves and froth we shall expand.

    A strong wind and the sound of crashing waves behind us indicated that the Great Keeper was already here. She emerged from the sea, her strong, voluminous and beautiful blue body dominating the sea behind us, casting long shadows over the battlefield. She let out a mighty roar and started charging an enormous amount of energy. We answered by shouting as well and preparing to charge forward.

    Then we saw from beyond the treeline and still far from us, a huge pillar of fire emerged, splitting in half to reveal Him, the Horrible Beast of the Grounds, the most powerful and horrendous land-dweller that we had ever seen: its two legs and blood-reddish body branded with black marks just like the orange ones the Great Keeper sported, and several white claws and spikes giving its body an air of outrage and murder. He too roared in anger, calling his brethren to battle.

    And then we marched. And they marched. Behind us several streams of water and ice flew over the beach towards the enemy line washing several columns of enemies away, as from beyond the tree line several boulders and bolts of electricity pierced our ranks.

    But this all did not matter. We would battle to the end just like we had always done.

    Today, only one side shall dine well.


    Except for the interesting dreams, my life was mostly dull and devoid of strong emotions and risks. The only times I still felt threatened were the times when one of the humans would get close to me to inspect me, say some things that I didn't understand, and poke me with all kinds of strange objects.

    Yes, I know I can do the dizzy light trick, but I no longer resort to it. Without the light, they'd limit themselves to watch me, poke me a couple of times and talk of things that I simply ignore; but with the effects of the light they'd become quite annoying and stupid, stumble on their own legs and somehow just...won't... stop... talking.

    One day another Pokémon was introduced in the chamber, and when I saw her for the first time I almost gasped. I was sure this long, serpentine creature, of blue and white rough scales and a massive mouth, was powerful and important in the ranks of the sea, and I felt somehow that she was supposed to be a sister in arms... I just couldn't remember what war it was, or if there was a war any longer. Also one particular thing that was out of place was that she was supposed to be smaller, bulkier, more fish-like, and with red scales to begin with.

    The other Pokémon introduced herself as Gyarados and she told me my name was Lileep. I did not like the idea that she was calling me like the human nad names me, but since there was no one else to ask for my name I decidied to simply take it for the moment.

    When I asked her about my parents, she simply responded: “Haven't seen them.” I felt something strange in the way she did so I decided to leave that particular question for later.

    She talked to me and explained about the things that were happening. She told me that her kind was from my time, which was “too long ago”, and that my kind was somewhere called "museum", which if I understand correctly means they're nowhere to be found, so humans decided to bring one “back” and it turned out to be me. I... I know it sounds complicated, I didn't understand it either.

    When I asked how could my kind be back if there were no others of them to begin with, she excused herself saying that she didn't understand how humans could do that, then shrugged the matter off entirely and started talking about how strong, beautiful, vindictive and revered she was and that she had been designated to be my instructor or something. Go figure.

    The next days went by with Gyarados explaining me some “basic” things about the world and the humans. She explained me that the scales of different colouration they had on top of their heads was called fur, a different form of hide most land-dwellers had. Also humans spoke a strange common tongue where their words ended in sounds like “a”, “i” and “o” depending on the particular meaning of every word, that some of these words were names for us Pokémon, and that with some training we Pokémon were able to understand them for the most part; but also that for some reason they couldn't understand even the most basic forms of our language unless they underwent extensive training.

    She proceeded next to explain that we were in a place called Laboratory, intended for white-hide wearing humans to research the world and do experiments. ”Research” and ”experiments” seem to be the pesky things they do to me, which leaves me to ponder why do they do that stuff to begin with if it is so annoying.

    The one human with no white hide, the one who apparently named me, was from outside Laboratory from a place called League, and was here to assist in the work of something called “fossil”; because that was supposed to take a while the human had brought his Pokémon for a ride.

    “Why his Pokémon?” I asked. “What does than mean?”

    “It means we are his partners. Isn't that obvious?” she replied, with immutable voice, as if was asking something with no significance.

    I was feeling confused to the point that when I opened my mouth again to ask why, I could not remember exactly what was the why I wanted to ask. So I took a moment and decided to settle for a simpler question, the one I should have been asked to begin with:

    “What kind of creatures are humans anyway?”

    Gyarados looked at me and seemed to measure me with her sight. Then she came closer, circling me with her elongated body, and replied: “You're a just-hatched, right? Why aren't you with your parents?”

    “I can't find them,” I replied back, feeling my trunk contracting itself as I thought of them, “I can't find any other of my kind.”

    “Because they're in museum, I told you. I'll ask around for them anyways,” she answered.

    Then she swam away while leaving me with a cryptic message:

    “It is a parent's job to teach their offspring about the Pact.”

    I wanted to ask more, but she was already gone. I was left alone with my thoughts.

    Most of the following encounters I spent eating sea food and thinking what did most of these words such as Pact or Trainer meanwhile she taught me some simple things such as what kind of sea food was edible (as if I didn't know), how to swim (hello? I have roots, if you haven't noticed), where did the light come from (the sun, obvious), what Laboratory was, the day-night shifts the white-hide wearing humans followed, and what other Pokémon looked like. That part, albeit interesting, I didn't get very comfortable with, because from what I could grasp, humans and most of the things I had seen so far outside of the pool indicated a clear dominance of land-dwellers.

    Sometimes during the next weeks she also talked about how she had asked other Pokémon about my parents, but no one seemed to ever have seen a Pokémon like me. After those reports she would leave me alone to ponder.

    Unfortunately, as I would eventually learn, this lack of information wouldn't last.


    The first signal that things were to change happened a particular day I emerged from the pool to the sandy terrain populated by trees. I did not like it, but it had one thing that the depths of my pool lacked: the strong and delicate sunlight coming from the big sun above. Oh, and the gentle and warm wind too, but sunlight is what I care the most when I'm not in my pool.

    I picked a good spot to absorb sunlight and was probably distracted enough not to notice that I was invading a land-dweller's terrain. Not that I would have cared anyways: it always felt the right thing to do.

    I could feel the energy of the sun penetrating my body, feeding and healing me. I strained my tentacles and stretched my trunk to catch as much of the light as I could before the sun would fade behind the giant walls that protected this place. Meanwhile the soft wind scurried in between my tentacles, carrying strange messages about small creatures up the trees I did not care to decipher.

    It was all interrupted when I felt a strong motion course across the ground, as if something big and heavy had set foot in the sandy ground. I opened my eyes and turned my head to the right to look at the large land-dweller that was walking towards me. This one I hadn't seen before. Its overall frame was similar to that of the humans: that is a trunk sustained by two legs and with two branches and a head attached to the top. The entire body, however, was covered by those things called fur, of a white colouration, except in the head where the fur-thing amassed itself in to form a strange reddish protuberance right between the creature's brown mask that circled its eyes.

    Unlike the human and other Pokémon I had seen so far, this one had two black and large claws instead of tendrils, both in the branch-ends as well as the lower part of the legs, and the creature could either walk as a two-legged, or as a four-legged by using its branches.

    “What are you doing in my territory?” he asked with a ferocious tone as he walked in front of me.

    “Bathing in sunlight,” I answered.

    The other Pokémon did not take my answer very well, as it suddenly came closer, blocking my sunlight, and thrust one of its branches towards me, the two black and hard claws scratching my head and the force of the impact pushing me backwards. The pain subsided quickly, and I returned my head to its upright position with a soft, elastic move, but I then found my neck trapped between the claws.

    “And who said,” the other asked, “that you could take a sunbath in my island?”

    I blinked a couple of times, wondering if this Pokémon was stupid or something. Well, right now it just looked like a brute and stupid land-dweller to me.

    “I myself, of cour─”

    My answer was cut short when I felt a strong impact in the lower part of my head and my body was pushed away by the strong force of the other Pokémon's sudden branch-swipe. My roots held me in place easily, however and I bumped back to my original position but I was careful enough to catch the attacker's branch with two of my tentacles and constrict it as I prepared to spit some acid on him.

    “Look, land-dweller," I warned, "I've decided to take the sunlight here. If you attack me you're looking for trouble.”

    “This... is... MY ISLAND!” shouted the creature, moving slightly to one side and pointing with his other branch to one of these things called posts that was near the shore, but still leaning enough close enough that its big, furry face dominated my field of vision. “See? It says Vigoroth! Not 'lump-thing'!”

    “But you're a land-dweller. If this is your place you should defend it.”

    “Yes I shall!” he yelled, surprising me for a moment.

    The Pokémon pulled his branch with an incredible strength and got free of my tentacles. Then he roared as he stood upright, trying to intimidate me. I felt in my roots that he was about to dart forward and attack me again, so I pointed four of my tentacles to him and launched some acid. It was too late, however, as the Vigoroth thing moved to the right (his right), crunched and then leapt towards me. In just an instant he had grabbed my neck and head with his two branches. My tentacles were locked and I felt I was in trouble as his white-furred trunk covered my entire head.

    “You're out of here!” yelled the Vigoroth as he summoned his strength and tried to pull me off the ground. He had quite an incredible strength: I could feel an intense pain in my stretching neck as if he was literally trying to tear me in half. I could barely see, the pain was making it difficult for me to focus my energy to attack, and no matter how much I resisted the Vigoroth kept pulling, trying to get me off the ground. Slowly I felt my roots tiring out, yet I refused to give up.

    I then realised that this land-dweller was attacking me just like the ones in my dream, and that I had to answer, to show dominance... to claim this piece of land as mine for sunbathing. And before I could thing of how to do that, by body started working things out by itself.


    I resisted silently, reasoning that if this attacker started feeling tired or uncomfortable he would then get off me for an instant to try another kind of grab. I just had to wait for long enough, and just in case I could get the Vigoroth a little bit away, I started to focus the dizzying light in the tips of my tentacles.

    As I suspected, the tension was too much for him to bear. With a sudden growl, he let me go and recoiled back a couple of steps. I could see now that his trunk was more wet and his breathing was strong. He leaned forwards ready to grab me again but I was now ready to counter. I used two of my tentacles to spit some acid forwards, taking care to aim to his sides, causing him to leap even further backwards as I expected.

    Before I could release the dizzying light, however, he opened his large mouth and released a powerful and painful scream, a sonic assault I could not protect against. I closed my eyes and swayed my tentacles in pain and when I opened my eyes again, I could see the Vigoroth leaping in mid-air towards me. Then I felt one of his branches hitting the upper part of my head and releasing a strange and powerful energy that shocked my entire body.

    I could feel my body spasming, swaying back and forth without control, coursed by an indescribable and almost crippling pain as I had never felt before. It was as if every fiber of my body was being ripped off my body, torn and swung around, and then put back into place, all of them at the same time. I could swear the pain was so intense that it pushed me towards a very beautiful lake surrounded by mist that appeared out of nowhere in my mind. The mist covered a small creature floating above the lake who was dancing, it had an eerily big head covered in a yellow or golden hide, and two tails with small red protuberances at the tips. She was dancing in joy, luring me in...

    Somehow my consciousness slowly returned to my body and I realized the roots were still holding me in place, but my body had been thrust backwards and my head was now laying on the ground and firmly pressed against it by the same giant claws that had punished me an instant before.

    “Now you're seriously out of here, stupid!” yelled the Vigoroth as he retreated his branch and held it over me, probably readying himself to attack me again.

    Something told me that this was my chance, that I could end the battle here if I could just prevent him from attacking altogether... if I could just deprive him of air. Not knowing exactly what I was doing, I hurled myself towards his head, opened my mouth... and literally stuck myself against his face.

    Chaos ensued. As he tried to strike my head and neck with his claws and I held his face in my mouth, carefully spraying some acid with my tentacles, the Vigoroth tried to bash me, swaying his head left and right, mumbling something that sounded like “mph mphsf fmpf hfp ff fkng ffmg hmffm mmhmffckmmhm fmmffm!” because his mouth was stuck in mine. I could only see his mouth and nostrils, which was quite disgusting to me but seemed to be even more disgusting to him as he was essentially screaming inside me.

    He tried to pull further but I didn't let him go until I felt in my tentacles the energy for the dizzying light was already charged.

    A moment after, the Vigoroth was let free and he stumbled backwards, moment that I chose to release the dizziness trick. The idiot just stood there looking at me letting himself be bathed in the soft orange light; and not before long his body assumed a laconic stance, his branches fell and he started looking out in all directions, eyes wide open, and started talking some nonsense about a fruit called Iapapa and how “fluffy” clouds were, whatever that word meant.

    Now I only had to charge my energy into a ball to hurl at him and this all would be over, with a little luck I could drag the body to the shoals and digest him over time. I just had to raise my tentacles and charge enough to--

    A shrieking noise and a stream of yellow light that impacted close to my body made me stagger, and I had to crawl and turn to the side to see the new intruder.

    This time it was the Pokémon that I had seen accompanying the blue-furred human, the land-dweller with yellow fur and antennae on its head. “Leave him alone,” he stated plainly as he walked towards me, “or the next one goes straight to your head.”

    I locked my eyes on this Pokémon that had appeared suddenly, thinking whether he wanted to battle me and what things would he be capable to do. Vigoroth had already been surprise enough and this time I was facing an opponent who didn't need to touch me to cause some damage. “It is you, the one with the human,” I told him as I leaned forwards, then I swayed my tentacles as a warning and asked: “What kind of Pokémon are you?”

    “I'm Electabuzz,” he stated, “the one in command here.”

    “Keep him in check then,” I blunted back while pointing at the aimlessly wandering Vigoroth with one of my tentacles. Electabuzz's vision only briefly darted towards said Pokémon and then he stared back at me with a glint of joy in his face. I could also see a tail swirling behind him and little sparks of electricity surrounding his body so I decided to get ready for another battle.

    Electabuzz continued speaking: “Mind you, it takes some work to leave Vigoroth this dumbfounded.” Then he walked closer to Vigoroth and touched him with one of his branches, releasing an electric strike powerful enough to make the white-furred Pokémon to briefly yell in surprise. After a while Vigoroth shook his body, apparently recovered from the effects of my dizzying technique. He shook his bruised branch (the one where Electabuzz had touched him) a couple of times before starting looking in all directions and finally locking his eyes on me.

    “That... that thing did something to me!” Vigoroth screamed as he pointed at me and readied himself to charge, “Electabuzz, just give me a moment and I'm gonna beat that thing to a pulp!”

    Upon those words I readied myself too, extending my tentacles forward to summon the power necessary to materialize the ball of energy. I was lucky: both of the opposing Pokémon were standing together, and probably I could strike both of them if I was quick enough.

    Electabuzz looked back at me and then suggested to his companion: “I'd rather leave him alone, pal.”

    “But, but, that...” answered Vigoroth looking at the other Pokémon for a moment, yet never ceasing his pointing at me, “that thing kissed me!”

    Electabuz blinked a couple of times, stared at me and then at Vigoroth, and tried to calm him: “Well, if you feel like talking about--”

    “No! I'm going to throw him back at his pool!” answered Vigoroth for a final time as he crunched and readied for the next assault. “Now you're going to see...!” He shouted, and I could feel in the ground the pressure from his legs building impulse to leap at me.

    I focused further and started materialising the ball of energy. But before I could do anything with it, a tremendously bright yellow light came from where Electabuzz was standing and when I dimmed a bit the power of the energy ball to better see, I could see the body of Vigoroth losing all balance and loudly falling to the ground, legs and branches spread and parts of his fur crackling with electric bolts of energy.

    Electabuzz stood to the side motionless. He smiled at me and said: “Now, I guess it's better if the two of us talk alone.”

    I felt momentarily shocked and it took a blink to realise I had let the energy of the ball dim too much. I focused in my roots to better sense the vibrations across the ground, and clearly perceived that Vigoroth's were weaker and more irregular. That yellow land-dweller had knocked him unconscious with only one touch.

    I was in sea-deep trouble.

    “Look, Trainer has allowed you to live with us,” Electabuzz said as he approached me, “so you should at least behave.”

    “Trainer?” I asked, “The human with blue spikes?”

    “Spikes...?” he repeated, blinking like an idiot (not as much as an idiot as that Vigoroth was, but still). “Yeah, whatever. He,” he continued as he darted past me, “is our Trainer and the one who owns this place.”

    I sensed some vibrations from behind. I strained to hear and I recognised the sound of human voices who were approaching towards our place. Three or four of them, most surely the white-hide wearing ones.

    “I did not ask to be here,” I replied, as I slowly crawled towards the water, “I can handle myself quite well.”

    “That I can see...” replied Electabuzz as he took a quizzical look towards the fallen Vigoroth. Then he started walking closer to me and said: “You can hold your ground, quite literally. And you'll later explain to me that 'kissing' stuff.”

    “I was just trying to suffocate him.”

    He smiled. “Weird... Look, humans are going to be upset. The scientists, at least...”

    I refrained from asking what “scientist” meant, instead I dimmed the energy from my tentacles away and continued crawling towards the water. I was about to reach the shore when I saw the humans looking at us from the other side of the pool. The blue-spiked one was shouting some things, probably to the Electabuzz.

    I decided to hurry back to the water, just in case they decided to attack me. But when I was about to submerge I could hear Electabuzz patiently calling at me.

    “Lileep, you fought quite well. Maybe you can join us some time?”

    “What for?” I asked inquisitively. “Fight?”


    I hesitated for a moment, thinking that it might be some sort of foul play. But thinking about the fact that I had been undisturbed for the most part, I decided that maybe their intentions were not bad, it was just that the Vigoroth was stupid.

    So I looked back, dropping my tentacles as to indicate that I meant no harm, and asked: “And you'll tell me what the Pact is?”

    Electabuzz stared at me for a while before answering with a surprised tone: “Haven't your parents taught you?”

    I ignored his empty answer and slowly returned to my realm. The whole fight felt quite good but I needed to eat and rest.

    From the shallow side of the pool I could still see the humans staring at me as I walked my way to the depths of the pool.

    If I wanted to find answers I needed the help of another Pokémon, one who would actually know me beforehand and would not answer my questions by asking back. But where was I to find such an individual?

    To Be Continued...
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