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    Well I'm back and I do have updates to show you guys. Game Development was going swiftly and the first thing I'm announcing today is the Hygene System. I've finally completed it and it is fully functional. At the bottom screen there is a little arrow. When you hover over that arrow with your mouse, the bottom screen turns into a HUD that shows the status of your conditions. If hunger or energy reaches 0 you will be transported to the nearest Pokemon Centre for recovery. The bad thing about that is that you loose popularity points and time if you were questing on routes.

    Now the next part to this update is the announcing the new feature of Boss Battles. The Boss Battle are wild Pokemon battles including either highly leveled or evolved or even legendaries that will be fought in Trainer Battle conditions. This means that they won't be available for capture and you won't be able to run away from them.

    Now the next part I won't explain in details but it's a modification of the Regigigas event. Here are some screenshots.

    Then I saw that many people are doing games in HG SS style so I thought why not give it a go. This was made thanks to Kyledove's amazing new tiles (and it took me forever to make an autotile out of his dirt path). And the little headbutt trees are my revamps.

    And for the end here are just some basic screenshots.

    The first image is the portal to the Torn World from the Turnback Cave. The second one is a battle between my favorite Pokemon. And the last one is a battle during night against the name supplied Rival.