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    Originally Posted by Bonzai-Cat View Post
    Ok so are there gonna be any obstacles in the Pokemon fights? Like rocks, trees, and all that jazz?
    Of course. It depends on where you will be fighting though. If you challenge someone, you are free to use anything around to your advantage, especially terrain, rocks, trees, and other objects. For Gyms and Arena's, there will certainly be cases where there will be rocks and other objects to use.

    Anyways, since I haven't updated in a while and was on vacation, much has been going on. Mostly ingame and network communication. Basically most of the time was searching for the best way to make movement smooth for multiple players so there is no lag, syncing problems, or any weird movement issues. We took a while on this since this is one of the more important components. Precise movement is necessary for travel and vital for battles. As such, it must be as polished and as optimized as possible. It's quite responsive right now, but there is always room for improvement in the future. The other part, game communication, such as chat is pretty much done. Server side collision is being finalized now so the maps can start being made and added. Anyways, since me telling you doesn't do much, here is a video to satisfy some curiosity.