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Originally Posted by Feign View Post
Errr... >.> What exactly is a crackfic?
Comedy that ignores the idea that you have to make sense. Or canon. Or basically anything else. So... yeah to Citrinin.

Mad Libs is a game meant for two players. A passage is already predetermined however, adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and the odd mis. have been purposely left out. Thus one friend will ask another to suggest a noun (as an example), then lulz should ensue when read back.
Oh, I knew this. I meant turning the FFL into a Mad Libs game.

Originally Posted by Citrinin View Post
What's the current wordcount on your active chaptered fics?
Over 9000 for both of them. Seriously. (I'm just too lazy to compile all of MKD and AEM into two Word files and run a word count.)

Originally Posted by txteclipse View Post
I don't mean to sound stand-offish, but what has caused everyone to think that there's only one Latias and one Latios? I mean, there were at least four Latios and two Latias shown in the movie. It's genuinely confusing to me.
It's not really that we (or I) think that there's only one Latios and Latias. It's the fact that the most well-known example of Latias and Latios were either canonically brother and sister or thought to be so. (I honestly can't remember which. Sorry. Whether or not they were twins, admittedly, is an entirely different question beyond that. I just like to think they were because it's neat to think of counterparts like that as twins.)

As I just showed, though, I could do a story about two Latis that aren't related. Would that be okay,
Sure. That'd probably be cuter, actually, than the twincest idea.

"Latios reclined on the hood of his Buick Roadmaster in human form, gazing at the crimson sunrise with half-lidded eyes that matched nature's colorful display."
I approve of this image. XD
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