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Hello, today I'm releasing my HG/SS Sprite Pack, a collection of over 15,000 Pokémon sprites coming from HeartGold/SoulSilver.

If you're wondering why there are sooo many, well... consider this: the parent folder has two main branches, Original and Transparent. The first contains all the sprites exactly like they were found on the games. The latter is similar except all backgrounds are transparent. Inside both Original/Transparent folders, you can find 3 other sub-folders: Both Frames, First Frame and Second Frame. Pretty self-explanitory. Anyway, these sub-folders all have 2 sub-folders: Normal and Shiny. Both Normal and Shiny have 2 sub-folders each: Back and Front. Finally, both Back and Front are splitted into Male and Female.

Considering the time it took me to dump them, crop them, organize them and optimize them, please give credit whenever used. Okay, enough talking... go get the sprites:

- Mirror 1 / Megaupload
- Mirror 2 / MediaFire

EDIT: This time I've shrinked the sprites even further and I've deleted all the female that were the same as the male one; fixed some mistakes. I've added a second mirror as well. Enjoy!