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    Hrmph. Sorry, i didn't even know there was a thread here. I assumed it was under Firered'leafgreen thing.
    Anyway..may i be a member, if it's not too much of a problem.
    I am breeding Chanseys like it's fun, which it is. But repetitive.
    I wont give up, never. And one last thing, can there be a member called Breeding Shiny hunter member? I don't want to hunt really, just breeding is my thing.
    Thank you.

    -kills self, for not noticing this thread earlier-

    In this city...
    ...there are no people.
    The lights are on in all the houses.
    But, there is nobody on the streets
    Are there people inside? I peek in a window to find out.
    There are people. But they are with "them".
    I look in other houses. These people are with "them" too.
    This city is just like all the rest.
    Being with "them" is fun
    More fun than being with people
    Nobody comes outside anymore
    There are no people in this city
    I will leave this city and go to nother one. I hope that I will meet someone.

    Someone Just For Me

    But if that special someone falls in love with me...
    ...I will have to leave that someone.
    Even so, I want to meet that special someone. This is what I think as I leave the city with no people.
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