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Originally Posted by Aberbecam View Post
But the maps are soo..You know,Those maps are soooo not natural.
there are sooo many empty spaces.
Yeah, I'm iffy on these maps myself...mapping's probably my weakest area and that's why I value so much receiving constructive criticism in this regard (I value it other times too, but for my cruddy maps especially). ' I was trying really hard to make them look natural while still playable...if they look unnatural to you, what should I do to make them look better? Should I add in more trees or flowers to fill in the empty space, or is it the arrangement of the trees, or the general shapes of the maps themselves, that don't look right to you? Perhaps what I should do is post over in the Map Help Thread in the Scrapbox...

Thank you again for your feedback! I wouldn't get anywhere if all I ever got was praise, and I appreciate you taking the time to address my map issues

@Teh_Panda: Thanks so much for your kind words! ^__^ While I doubt that I'll ever reach the level of hacking greatness that some folks around here have, I know that I can always take every opportunity to better myself and my own skills, as humble as they may be compared to some. One never gets old enough to learn!

@everyone: I've not been very good about sticking to NaNoWriMo...November's really the worst month they could have picked for something like that >.> So I've decided that I'll keep working on my fanfic at my own pace, and to continue work here on Super Rising Thunder rather than taking that month long hiatus ' By the next time I post here I should have screenshots, showing some new graphics-based hacking - the game's title screen and assorted little things like finally getting rid of those damn Pokeballs and the player character's backsprite in battle. Also, in my last post I asked about writing in Unown Script - I've figured out myself how to do this and look to have fun with it.
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