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"Every legend has a beginning and an end."

" Legends of Darkness have been at it for years and they still are. "
The story begins with a hero who is sixteen years of age. They came to the X region with their parents from the Orre region. The hero's father is a talented engineer working for Legendlight, a global organization that is working to stop the capturing of every legendary creature in the world at the hands of Legends of Darkness. Due to the hero's father's demonstration of ace engineering, he has been requested to work under Professor Thibault, the leading engineer of the X region. Once heralding from a quaint town in Orre, the hero's family now resides in Mist Town. It is a quiet and comfortable town, free of crime and violence. Tucked away in its own little corner of the universe, Mist Town is a very safe place. Thus, it is one of the places that Legendlight has chosen to hand out pokemon in. Professor Thibault was entrusted with three and like his/her father, the hero is a part of Legendlight. They have trained in the X region for six years and can finally show their true talent. One pokemon is to be placed into the hero's hands for the hero lacks any pokemon of their own. Orre is a region with few pokemon. The remaining pokemon are designated to go to two other recruits, one of them being a future rival of the hero. Although, it will not be so simple as stopping Legends of Darkness immediately in their tracks. Their dark organization is not reckless. Traps will be laid out along the way and the hero's trials will be fierce. The natural landscape will also hinder progress. Many know that gym badges have a strange sort of power that allow pokemon to exceed their limits and use new abilities. The X league was not originally part of the hero's calling, but they discover that it too is necessary. Feel free to battle the Elite Four and champion if you wish, but the dreams of Ash Ketchum have not diffused into the hero of this story. It is not their one true wish. The adventure will take you across the exotic X region and elsewhere, as you uncover more and more about your surroundings and find the beings beyond the human plane. Every legendary pokemon will be available, as well as a special brand new one. Are you up to the challenge? ….. No one is sure of Legends of Darkness' motives. Why Kurogane, their mysterious leader, has chosen to capture all of them, rather than one of the most powerful, is a question that has yet to be answered entirely. The best and brightest scientists of Legendlight have speculated that Kurogane does not want the power of legendary creatures, but rather to destroy it. They suppose that Legends of Darkness is an organization of people seeking to create a dominion over nature that is ruled by mankind. The pokemon of the greater plane are nothing more than pests to them. Barian, the leader of Legendlight, and his just operatives and workers are ready for Legends of Darkness' actions in the X region. Will the nature of the world stay in place or will a new era dawn in this tale of good versus evil?
This next part is here because the intro isn't perfect in game.
Oh wow, I didn't expect you to arrive so late. I am Professor Thibault. It's quite nice to meet you. It's so dark out here. I can't see you well, and I'm tired from work. Are you a boy or a girl. And what is your name? [PLAYER]? I hear that you don't have a pokemon. Drop by the lab tomorrow morning to get your first. I have them because Mist Town is a very safe place. You'll need it for your mission if I know our enemy well enough. Oh yes, two others are coming as well. I'm sure you'll have first pick though. Well you'd better rest up for tomorrow. Also, with enough missions under your belt, you could get a promotion. Show true skill and you could even become leader.

Hack Of: FireRed (U) [BPRE]
Language: English
Author: megiddo

Heya, I'm megiddo. I've been hacking for quite a while and this is my one true project. I started this back in 07 when I was a total newbie. Since then, I've developed an affinity for scripting and have acquired skill in all the general areas of pokemon rom hacking. So, without further ado, here are the fruits of my labor.

New Pokemon
New story (duh)
New Rivals
New evil team
Be part of the good team
New Tiles
New graphics, such as sprites
New Trainers
New Region
New Music :D
Possibly being able to visit part(s) of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh
All legendaries and one new one. Events will be completely different from DJG's. I did not steal his ideas. I had this planned out before I ever saw Ruby Destiny.


Some are older, some newer.

Beta 1 Link:

Old Youtube Channel
New Youtube Channel
First Gym
First Mission
Bank Script
Bandit Battle
Route 4 Mystery

Beta 1.5:

[ BUGS ]
» Weird warp image in Route 1 and Cedar Village
» Don't lose to rival
Some border and tile issues
Minor text errors

Working... slowly xD

[ TEAM ]
megiddo: Leader, all around
omomo0725: spriter
Antwhan - Story reviewer
pokemonrulze - beta tester
tainui - beta tester
hunt587 - beta tester
Positions available: Spriters(2)

Colcolstyles, Darthatron, Interdpth - Rng weather
ZodiacDaGreat, Interdpth, Mastermind_X - Day and Night, Realtime Clock
JPAN - For
new hacks to the FR engine
Wichu - For his tools and indexed sprites
874521 - For dpp pokemon icons
itman1234- tutoring and ideas
Don Patch - tutoring and inserting tiles. Pokemon Center, Mart, Flowers, and Tree Tiles, other tiles
phcompany - grass tile
pho- trees
Kazuma- Hero OW front still frame
Luck- mapping, sprites
LastHand - mapping
omomo0725 - spriting
~*Pikafan*~ - 1 script
Tony the Awesome - Music Looping
TB Pro! - banner, scripting, map fixing
thethethethe - scripting help
cooley - scripting help
Horus - scripting help
zel - scripting help, hexing help
blaster911 - spriting
kyledove - stair tiles
pe2k- sprites
Shadow Arcanine - Sprites
X-buster - Region Map editing
clonex25 - music
wikipedia - pokemon data/descriptions
Yung Hove - banner
Kawa - sprites
Neti - banners
Wind~ - map fixes
Atomic_Reactor - sprites
dshayabusa - general help and css template
Ozumas - tree tile
Fangking Omega - tiles
serg!o- cactus tile
Disturbed - Logo
interdpth and haruki hanai - Anti-piracy screen
diegoisawesome - Dp font



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