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That's right, it's time for the next Broken Beacon contest. And what's the theme for the contest this time around? Well, it's a Design-a-Pokémon contest! :D What I want from you all is a design that's well thought out, creative and fits within what I'm asking of you! And here's the subject of this contest!:

Name: Dronin
Type: Bug/Fighting
Evolves from: Combee (Level 21 & Male)
  • HP- 80
  • Atk- 110
  • Def- 70
  • SAtk- 40
  • SDef- 80
  • Speed- 110
01 Mach Punch
01 Sweet Scent
03 Poison Sting
10 Focus Energy
15 Pursuit
19 Signal Beam
21 Revenge
25 Recover
31 Foresight
35 Extremespeed
39 Bulk Up
41 Slash
44 Superpower

Combee and Vespiquen were brought over with the Honey Trees from Sinnoh. While on the island, it was discovered that it WAS possible for male Combee to evolve. But only those tested in battle were able to reach this stage. Hivknight is incredibly aggressive and protective of its hive. It also listens to Vespiquen no matter what, maintaining that mentality from its time as a Combee. It is physically powerful and very fast.

For the most part, I'm giving you free range to design what you want. There are a few things I want though:

  1. It has to look like it's related to Combee/Vespiquen
  2. It needs a sword-like appendage to use its slashing attacks
  4. It needs to look slightly humanoid like Vespiquen
  5. Black/Yellow please

That's it. Otherwise, you can do what you want! Bulky and powerful looking or a sleek killing machine. It's all up to you!

Sprites, hand-drawn, computer animated - I don't care. As long as the design is awesome and creative, I don't care what medium you submit it in!

Dark_Azelf's entry is a frontrunner already:



In other news related to the hack, it's kind of stalled at the moment. Don't worry, its not going anywhere. We've just hit a slight mental roadblock that we'll get over it eventually. Hopefully in a week when Harry and I are both on holiday we'll make some major progress. :)
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