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First of all... It was just as amazing as I thought it would! Truely great work, Dante and team! One of the best stories I know, amazing grphics and awesome region! And when I saw the name "Altomare" on the worldmap, I knew you´d be awesome cuz you´ll give my favpokemon a part in the hack (Altomare = town from Pokemon Heroes, Latias and Latios live there)!

I also wanna ask whether the beta ends after you received the S.S. Ticket from the academy?

And some bugs (I guess one or two were already posted but I´m not soo sure ´bout that):

-Worldmap is glitchy (known, I guess!)
-After you do anything on the Pokenav and go back to the Pokenav Menu, it´ll look glitchy
-If you go to the Draken Ville through Greenwoods and take the warp to Drakenville, the screen´ll turn black after you entered it.
-I somehow managed (without cheats!) to get in the room these guys from the academy blocked!
-If you talk to Salamence´s head, it´ll battle you as a witch with a Sableye Lv.30 something (got owned from it... ;_! xD
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