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    1. Adder Idk...
    2. Candy Cane Forest Elf. Mr. Elfman, although, we dun really speak w/each other T^T
    3. Honey & Clover Me, myself and I?
    4. Jordan Probally decided to take gander after meh posts in OT
    5. jpp8 Jiggly *sparkley eyes* Ocassional chats and shtuff ;3
    6. Miniryu Mini ;3 Chats as well ;3
    7. SilverStilletto Silvs... she just pull dat drama (wonders how long it will take to forget that)
    8. This Name is Exactly 36 Letters Long I see him and teh OT
    9. Wish Chat buddy (>$-$)> Chat buddy who is fun teh poke <3
    10. Yggdra Pair~ And awesome person ;3
    His favorite subject was not himself; it was everything but...
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