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    1. DarkFox334
    2. Dogboy2709+
    3. Griffinbane
    4. Holo-The Wise Wolf.
    5. Miniryu+
    6. Painter+
    7. SacredMiKeY+
    9. Vanitas~+
    10. wonder_girl
    1. I don't believe we have met....
    2. Wofz guy. XD
    3. A great battler that wanted to stalk me. Prolly because of my good looks. XD *Shot*
    4. Crazy Wofz guy/girl. XD
    5. Awesome mysterious person. XD
    6. Great battler that agrees with me that the battle stadium went to hell when I left. XD
    7. person who belives the same. I am that awesome. XD *SHOT*SHOT**SHOT* I know I'm hot. XD *Shot*
    8. A person I weird out. Very rude, too.
    9. Awesome guy. Really. He is just as awesome as Caboose.
    10. I wonder who you are....XD

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