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    Originally Posted by ¡Laxbe! View Post
    Now, this is why I don't like Z.

    How I met each Pokémon Generation.

    1st. Generation.

    How/when it happened? Pokémon Episode 32 - The Ninja Poké-Showdown (1998, 8 years old)

    What did I feel
    ? Although I don't like the animé that much nowadays, it was what got me into Pokémon. The first episode I watched had everything the Pokémon World has of its best.

    Funny and cool creatures and characters / An agenda with data over each of that creatures / The creatures evolving into grown forms /
    / Battles between them with awesome special powers / Gyms and Badges to prove your victories / And the always funny Team Rocket

    This stuff really got me into Pokémon as no other thing, I became instantly addicted to it. This could be a world where anything can happen, where I could get over everything and find a way to be less sad. I used to believe it could be true for a while, hehe.

    Do I still feel that way? No, now I know it can't be true, but whenever I feel like there's no escape for my problems, I look at the Artworks, play a little cards or games, read Pokémon Special and forget every bad feeling. It's my therapy nowadays.

    2nd. Generation.

    How/when it happened? Pokémon Episode 50 - Who gets to keep Togepi (a few weeks later, 8 years old)

    What did I feel? Nothing much different, I just couldn't find Togepi in my sticker album, but as Mew wasn't there too, I just thought that Togepi was out of my list for a mistake.

    When I realized that more than 151 Pokémon were coming I kind of lost it. Those japanese names taught me about Pokémon's origin, and learning japanese culture came along. I learned the english names later, but Hinoarashi and Tsubotsubo will be always on my mind.

    Do I still feel that way? No, I got used to new Gens, and a new one is just a matter of time for me to love it. *See below why it isn't happening with 5th Gen.

    3rd. Generation.

    How/when it happened? Reading a Pokémon Magazine from my country. (March 2001, 11 years old)


    I scanned it just today, it's from 9 years ago and I just couldn't keep it as new. Here is it's cover:

    What did I feel
    ? I felt amused, the new Pokémon were cute and I realized that maybe Pokémon could never end, maybe. The text in the issue still gives the first info about a new region and new gameplay. I couldn't be happier when I read it. The worst happened and my excitement about Pokémon turned out to be sick. I had to drop school, but this is a long story, and most of you wouldn't believe it.

    Do I still feel that way? Yes, I'm always expecting for new things to come, I want to learn everything I can about Pokémon. I really want it to be forever in my life, because no other thing could give me a life.

    4th. Generation.

    How/when it happened? Checking on (2004, 14 years old)


    What did I feel
    ? I couldn't believe it. Gonbe was so cute and funny! No other revelation could have been better! I felt in love with it and with every 4th Gen baby, from Bonsly to Mantyke. The new Pokémon made me certain that Pokémon was the right thing for me, what would keep me alive. (I don't know if you would undertand this, it's another very long story.)

    Actually my amusement was so huge that I found out some possible English names for it. An axious guy like me couldn't wait for its English name to be revealed. By simple logic, I had two "proofs" for it to be Laxbe. I never said it was Laxbe, just put a "Go! Laxbe!" in my signature here in PC and people started believing it was true. (Like that translation for Junichi Masuda I made as a joke, and some believed it.) Here you'll find websites from Poland, Mexico and even my country, Brazil revealing it as Laxbe instead of Munchlax. I think this is the only huge thing I made in my whole life. That's why Gen IV means so much to me. Even Serebii got bothered by that:


    Do I still feel that way? Maybe. Although I became a baby Pokémon lover, I think I was hoping for more from it. The first impression I had about DS wasn't compatible with Diamond/Pearl. But HGSS made it worthy, I think.

    5th. Generation.

    How/when it happened? Checking on PokéBeach (3 days ago, 20 years old)


    What did I feel? Nothing. All the other Generation revelations excited me. It was the first time I looked at the new Pokémon of a Gen and couldn't even smile. I don't know if I'm too mature, or if I don't like Pokémon anymore, I just don't understand why I didn't like Z.

    Do I still feel that way? It hasn't changed in three days. I just ask for a little time before I can get used to it. I won't change my mind to look friendly with Zor-lovers, but only when Zoroark gets me. Don't wait for anything else before it.
    1st.Liked it.
    2nd. Liked it more.
    3rd. Liked it more than more.
    4th, Liked it more than before.
    5th. Love what I'm seeing already alot.

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