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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I can see why there's no support for Pokerus: No RTC. It wears off at midnight, but there isn't a RTC.

I grabbed my LeafGreen (same as Firered...) Yup. At the battle tower, there are 4 modes:

On double, the trainers will face you- 2-on-2 matches (Double battles) until you complete the challenge or loose. Also, right before Pattern Bush, there are twins Miu and Mia that both send out Pikachu.

OK. I guess I was wrong for text coloring in R/S. I beat Ruby ages ago (360+ hours...) so I kinda forgot...
And sorry for a month-long response...
It is not the same as emerald though. That is just a normal double battle.
In Emerald if 2 trainers happen to both see you at the same time they will both battle you at once.

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