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Old March 28th, 2010 (4:15 AM).
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    I am currently trying to add new map names without the need of deleting the old ones. Fire Red as exactly 108 map names.

    Using A-Map's World Editor, I found the offset for the map names. I went to Hex Workshop, reversed the offset and found it. It is at address 0x003F1CAC. Names are stored with 3 bytes, followed by a 08. For Pallet Town, it's FCEC3E. Reversing that, it's 3EECFC. That's the offset for the name. If you look that offset using HackMew's Poke Adv Hex table, it will say PALLET.TOWN

    I compiled some text using XSE so I could make a new name. This is where I stop. I don't know where to add the reversed offset. This is the normal offset for my text: 80407C, reversed: 7C4080. So in Hex Workshop it should be 7C 40 80 08 but IDK if I could put it right next to the CELADON DEPT. which is 0x003F1E5C and it's stored at 3EF22E.

    I hope someone finds a way to add new names for the maps.

    PS: Sorry for my english.
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