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Originally Posted by .hack View Post
I must be supa lucky. On 64F I met Mew and got him recruited first try =O
I then went through Buried relic three more times for the regi's using escape orbs after each one was recruited. So this is really just a simple question since that's what I'm going to tey anyway but just incase I need to do something else: Should I just keep doing Job offers until the next event comes?
Well lucky you! Congrats
As for the next event.
You have to do something :D And that is to obtain HM Surf from Sun Cave
It's on 20th floor in water square so you'll need water pokemon to obtain it, or you can use Trawl Orb if you have one, or Mobile Scarf... etc
And the next event depends on the fact if you have Southern Isle Friend Area if yes then the next event will be [email protected] event.
And if you don't have it yet the next event will be legendary dogs event
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