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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I'd like to be able to do that, unfortunately I have no knowledge of ASM or how to do it :(. That's pretty cool! But, was there sound with that? That would be interesting to see.
Yes, there was sound but my screen capture program doesn't capture sound because apparently it doesn't work with Intel Macs. Anyways, I didn't change the music when transitioning from the map to the cutscene. It was probably still playing Pallet Town's music. If different music was needed in a cutscene, you could just use 'playsong' to change the song. Again, there's no need to do anything in a 'callasm' routine that you can't do in a script. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could simply create a map with the image that you wanted to display in the tileset and then use Overworlds to create moving objects. Though that would probably be a lot less efficient.

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