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I’m motivated by the story that’s trying to burst out of my head. Seriously, once I get into the mood, my story is all I think about as I imagine my awesome upcoming scenes over and over again… And the fact that if I don’t write and not update every two weeks, I’m afraid that my readers will track me down and dangle me over a cauldron of fire until I finish the story.

If you’re having trouble writing, here’s some tips. I suggest writing at a certain time every day and giving yourself a word count goal and not finishing until you complete it. That’s what I do. For example, every day (I skipped the last two days, but I have an excuse) I start writing at 7:15 PM until around 8:10-ish. Sometimes I stop early or keeping writing past my usual time if I finish or want to finish a scene. It also helps if you put on some music that you only listen to while writing, which will help put you in the mood. I used to do that, but I found it distracted me too much, but I’ve heard it works for a lot people.
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