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    Originally Posted by zappyspiker View Post
    -Speed Runs - Fastest Time
    -Combined Challenges - Combining 2 or more challenges together
    -Gym Leader Challenge - Playing the game using only pokemon a specific gym leader uses.
    -Moveset Challenge - You pick the team you play with but other members choose the moveset
    -Habitat Challenge - I liked WriteThemWrong's idea with pokemon in the same habitat (Grassland Pokémon, Forest Pokémon, Water's-edge Pokémon, Sea Pokémon, Cave Pokémon, Mountain Pokémon, Rough-terrain Pokémon, Urban Pokémon)

    -Egg Group Challenge (Though I probably want to do this one).
    Your team may only consist of Pokemon from the same Egg group
    They've actually tried in the past most of the challenges you suggested. I was a member in both the egg group and habitat challenges, but they didn't last long. I tried to do sorta your idea with the combined challenge, but it was like four challenges long, and it didn't catch on either. But the moveset challenge would be pretty interesting.
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