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    Originally Posted by vietazn654 View Post
    lol funny. are all let's play supposed to be funny? o.o xD
    screenshots LP's are usually supposed to be funny, but video LP's are mostly walkthroughs.

    sorry for lateness of this update, I had it done then realised I forgot to take screenshots 0_0

    so, let's check out the sites in this town

    You think YOU got it bad, I just failed a crapload of exams!

    hey, that dumb kids playing Pokemon in class!
    Saaay, do you have a mew? I'll trade you a plugoink.


    why are you playing your gameboy in cla-HE'S USING A GAMESHARK! :shocked:

    that woman sounds like she's in pain.


    well doesn't look like there's much else to do in this town except talk to more n00bs.

    speaking of n00bs...

    rats? where!? :shocked:


    why is there words on that mountain?

    ever heard of parrots?

    are we there yet?

    she said that three times and you only just noticed?

    You're a genious!
    Did you learn how to count at that school?

    So which of these ugly things are we picking? nicknames too!